20 June 2020

Big things happening!

I haven’t written anything for a month. Things have been super hectic around here, so this is me taking a little time to just tuck into some writing and share an update of the goings-on here at TabEnd.  So much has been unfolding!

19 May 2020

Grade was posted!

Firstly, I want to make clear that the course I took for Creative Writing Specialization wasn't really for anything else than to improve my writing as a whole - and let's be honest, maybe even get back into fiction writing once in awhile.  ;)

Now, that being said, the long, agonizing wait is finally, at long last, over!

08 May 2020

I wrote this yesterday (7 May 2020)

So, I have had two things rattling around my head for the last several weeks.  One - Hosea, as a whole, but there's a phrase in there that God  says to the Israelites:  'Come back to Me.'  Two - The Parable of the Prodigal Son, which the entire point of that story is our Beloved Lord saying, 'Look.  I don't care what you did before, just come talk to Me about it, and let's work on where to go from here.  Alright?  I love you, don't you understand that?  I'm here, I care, and I'm ready to heal you.'

That being said, I have been really thinking about these two things a lot lately, especially with the social distancing our human society as a whole has been forced into due to the pandemic.

Yesterday morning - for reference, I'm talking about 7 May 2020 - I was thinking about the seminar called 'The Gift' that I've signed up for through the Charismatic Catholic Renewal (The link is there, just click on 'The Gift' and it'll take you to the page to register if you're interested.  Yes, it's free.  ;)  )...  One of the last statements made towards the end of last night's session was, 'Come back to Me.'  I thought about that phrase a lot as I got puppy-dude combed down for the night and went to bed.  When I got up, I wrote the following poem.  I've not written poetry for years, but this demanded to be written.

I hope you like it.

28 April 2020

Answering a question about writing processes...

A Colleague of the Pen recently shared her writing process asked on social media about the rest of us writers she’s connected to: ‘What’s yours?’

I didn’t, honestly, think I had one until today. There are a few things I do that are a must for the words to flow out:

25 April 2020

Welcome home, sweet Philip!

Sometimes there are things in life that make absolutely zero sense, but we just learn to roll with the punches as they come.  Sometimes, when we least expect it, things happen to take a turn of the completely unexpected.  I'm generally not the type to enjoy surprises, but there are situations where I can't help but feel pleasantly surprised.

This afternoon, a friend of mine and I were talking, and as has been the case frequently as of late, I mentioned I need a dog again.  I miss my girl, of course, but I've been ready for a while now for another dog to be part of my life again.  An hour after I'd made that statement, my friend and I were chatting about some other things happening in our lives and I hear him mention that there was a dog wandering the street, so he pulled over and got out, calling to the dog.  I teased with, 'He's looking for you to bring him here to live with me and let me spoil him forever!'  The dog, whom we've called Philip, came running to my friend, tail wagging and a big grin on his face, tongue hanging out, ears flopping in the wind as he ran.  He was quite friendly and let my friend put him in his truck and drive him to my house.  Philip, I don't know the life you had before you found us, but I promise you, you're going to have the best rest of your life with me!  Thank you for allowing yourself to be rescued, and thank you, to my amazing friend, for finding him!

Te iubesc, bebelus.  Te iubesc!

13 April 2020

Maundy Thursday - Mama

Mama, you knew your Son had come to save us all. You knew that you were the mother of our Creator, our Redeemer, Love in its Purest and most Gentle and Precious Form. You knew what you’d signed up for when St Gabriel at the Annunciation had told you what God wanted of you. Your consent to allow yourself to be used for such a Purpose for the entire world, your fiat, you consented to be part of a much, much bigger and sweet plan than the world had ever experienced – and will ever – know.

Your love for the Father and for all was enough for you to, without a second thought, say, ‘Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word.’ (Luke 1.38) That simple statement changed the entire fabric of everything, because you didn’t flinch, you stood and said, ‘Yes.’

You knew that you would be a pariah in your community, and you knew that the gossip would flow like a river. But none of that mattered to you, because you knew that God had chosen you for a Special Purpose.

12 April 2020

Lockdown thoughts and babblings... and gratitude for the blessing of friendship!

Show of hands, who's having a hard time with this lockdown?

COME ON, DON'T BE SHY, WE'RE ALL COOL HERE. Anyone? I know I am. My main issue is the place I WANT to be, I CANNOT be. I haven't left my flat in ... what's it been now... three days. I normally try to go for walks every day. Just once a day sometimes more. To clear my head. I decided no, I'm staying home and doing some actual work on my writing, and .. well... I will say THIS much for this lockdown: it's done WONDERS for my writing! It's really improved! ^_^ So, silver lining, yes?

So... tonight. Oh, tonight. BLEH. Took a brain break from writing. Had a panic attack. Stupid mental hellhounds, man., barking up a storm in my head! I'm okay now, though, I promise. Cabin fever and I don't get on well, I can tell you with ALL sincerity! Grateful for the amazing friends I have solid connections with for keeping me company throughout the day yesterday (uhh... what day was that? Oh, yeah. Saturday. LOL!) and for the conversations with people tonight that I'm only peripherally connected with, but grateful to have had the company in PM with them as a more than welcome distraction!