Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary by T. Rea Okerberg


My Beloved Jesus, You promised You would come back to us. You promised You would only be gone for three days. True to Your Word, You took Your Body back up and came back. You had conquered death! Your Body, once beaten, battered and torn, is now Resurrected and whole. Beautiful. Glorious. My Jesus, You kept Your Word to us. Your amazing Love knows no borders, no walls. Death couldn’t contain You, nor could it even stop You from fulfilling Your Promises to Your beloved children. The overwhelming joy Mary Magdalene must have felt when You came to her at the Empty Tomb! And how joy-filled Mama no doubt was when she saw her Boy risen from the grave! When she got the news and saw You again, fully alive! What an incredible first Easter Morning!

My Jesus, my Beloved Saviour, this Mystery, just by itself, shows You are Someone of Your Word. You are One Who keeps a promise because You love us so much!

My Jesus, You rose up from the dead and spent just a little longer with Your friends and Your Mama. Then it was time: time to take Your Place at the Right Hand of the Father where You will come to judge us all. You Ascended, in Your entirety, into Heaven: Body, Blood, and Soul. But even though we cannot see You with eyes of the physical, we can with eyes of faith, knowing You are there, You are looking out for us. You never stop loving us, even now. You’re back in Heaven, very much alive and very much an ever-present Love in our lives, fully involved as our Parent. Not just our Judge, but as our Parent, loving us in every situation. Dusting us off or patting our backs, but ever-vigilant.

Two thousand years ago, You ushered in a new peace for everyone.  That Rushing Wind, my Jesus, I wonder, was that You pushing out the old ways?  I like to think of it as a Cleansing Fire burning off the dust and giving us Your Breath.  The Holy Spirit gives us not only new peace, but new LIFE!  

Holy Spirit, You are the Breath in our lungs, the Embrace of my Beloved.  You are the One Who shows us the Way of Jesus. You are His Gift to us. The Precious Embodiment of grace.  That warm peace that wasn’t just there in the Cenacle for the the Apostles, but even now to show us how to love, how to pray and how to unite in understanding.  Where there is discord, You bring unity. Where there is noise, You bring quiet. Where there is chaos, You are the One Who brings order.

Holy Spirit, You came after Jesus went to Heaven.  When He died on that Cross, we all died with Him. Your mighty arrival, that rush of wind the tongues of fire, that was new life and new unity that You gave to us.  Your Breath You loan to us. Your life You grace us with. Your fire that purges the bacterial infection of discord and confusion and purifies us with new unity and understanding.  Cleansing the entire soul of any impurity that might be a hindrance between us and You. Everything flows freely, nothing is blocked, because You have cleansed and anointed us.

Mama, you were taken into Heaven! You are the Mother of God, though ever-virgin. Jesus loves You so much, He took you, all of you (body and soul) into Heaven to be with Him. He chose you before time was time and He set you apart for the special task to be the Mother of the Only Begotten Son. He created you full of grace and now He brings You, His Mother, to be with Him. Your reward for being She Who Fulfilled! The New Eve.

Mama… When St Gabriel visited you and he told you what God wanted, for you to be the Mother of Jesus, your ‘Yes!’ to motherhood was your earthly crown of becoming the queen. You took into your beautiful Immaculate Heart all of humanity as your spiritual children to share in the Kingdom of your most Precious Son, our Beloved Lord. You were chosen for this special and wonderfully sacred role in our salvation story. At your Assumption into Heaven, that is where you received your literal crowning of your Queenship. This is so humbling to me to know that the Queen of Heaven, the mother of my Beloved Jesus, is my mother, too. One little sentence, ‘Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be [done] to me according to your word...’ Your fiat, Mama, is our example of faith in its purest form: Consenting to trust God, to become wholly His in accordance with His will.

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