19 May 2020

Grade was posted!

Firstly, I want to make clear that the course I took for Creative Writing Specialization wasn't really for anything else than to improve my writing as a whole - and let's be honest, maybe even get back into fiction writing once in awhile.  ;)

Now, that being said, the long, agonizing wait is finally, at long last, over!

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Happy to tell you all, I finished with a 95% on my Capstone!  I finished my program with an A!  All that hard work, what should've taken six months, took two years, and I'm done.  I'm finally done!

Next on the agenda?  Pay down my student loans from when I went to college 20 years ago (yeah, it's been that long) and pursue a degree in education.  I want so badly to work with kids, to teach them about creativity!

I'd also like to pursue another venue:  Creative Writing Coach.  I'm still working out the details - how much I'll charge, how I'll go about the coaching thing as a whole, all of it, and then I'll be putting together the final touches on my Facebook page for people to reach out to me about advice on their work.


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