14 January 2019

The Blonde Chef - Mexican dinner time.

And on this episode of 'The Blonde Chef,' we find yours truly has decided to make some burritos for dinner.  The meat browned, drained, and stirred into the beans, frying pan soaking in soap, bean-meat mix moved over to the burner that the meat was just browned upon...  Forgot that the burner had been shut off, because leaving an unattended, still-active burner... not wise.  Especially when there's cats afoot!  Randomly stirring the meat-bean mix, making sure that it doesn't scorch... not able to figure out WHY I can't smell anything cooking by now...  AND WHEN I GO INTO THE KITCHEN TO CHECK WHAT'S WHAT... I FIND THE BURNER'S OFF!  +shakes fist+  I quit.  

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