29 October 2018

Why isn't the kettle sounding off...?

Alright, so the world needs laughter.  Desperately.  Please, allow me to be a contributing factor to such comedic relief!

A few days ago, I decided I wanted some tea.  I've been trying to really wean myself off soda again, and so far, it's working pretty well.  And if the store near my flat keeps up with putting their teas on sale, well...  I may have to keep obliging those sales and purchase!  ;)  I'm a Chai Black kind of gal, but I'm also a big fan of Bigelow's Vanilla and Chocolate Chais, as well.

Anyway, so it was one of those days, so I decided tea would be a vastly better option than what I wanted to do.  I went and washed out the kettle (hadn't used it for a little while, so I wanted to make sure to NOT start a fire).  I put water in it....and walked away.  I was doing stuff around the apartment, chatting on the phone with an old friend back home, and then it hit me about 15 minutes into the conversation, hang on.  The kettle hasn't sounded off yet!  Hm.  I thought there was something yet again wrong with my stove, and I was fixing to get kind of mad because it would be the third - yes, third - time in a little over a year since I've had to have it fixed (the second time in just a few months).  Went back into the kitchen, whilst still on the phone with my friend, and I noticed... I forgot to put the stove on to be able to heat the water.  UGH!

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