08 May 2020

I wrote this yesterday (7 May 2020)

So, I have had two things rattling around my head for the last several weeks.  One - Hosea, as a whole, but there's a phrase in there that God  says to the Israelites:  'Come back to Me.'  Two - The Parable of the Prodigal Son, which the entire point of that story is our Beloved Lord saying, 'Look.  I don't care what you did before, just come talk to Me about it, and let's work on where to go from here.  Alright?  I love you, don't you understand that?  I'm here, I care, and I'm ready to heal you.'

That being said, I have been really thinking about these two things a lot lately, especially with the social distancing our human society as a whole has been forced into due to the pandemic.

Yesterday morning - for reference, I'm talking about 7 May 2020 - I was thinking about the seminar called 'The Gift' that I've signed up for through the Charismatic Catholic Renewal (The link is there, just click on 'The Gift' and it'll take you to the page to register if you're interested.  Yes, it's free.  ;)  )...  One of the last statements made towards the end of last night's session was, 'Come back to Me.'  I thought about that phrase a lot as I got puppy-dude combed down for the night and went to bed.  When I got up, I wrote the following poem.  I've not written poetry for years, but this demanded to be written.

I hope you like it.

Come Back to Me

©2020, T. Rea Okerberg

Come back to Me.
Taste and see
My goodness
My peace.

I am straining to reach you.
Don’t you see?
Don’t you hear
My Voice?
My Sacred Heart beating for you?

Feel the warmth of My embrace.
My child, don’t be afraid.

Come back to Me.
Stop. Rest. Just be.

Come back to Me.
I have you.
I’ve got you wrapped in My Arms.
My yoke is easy.
My burden is light.
I’m inviting you
To a relationship.
My peace is all-encompassing.
My Love, undeniable.
The Love I feel for you
Is unquenchable.

I love you.

Come back to Me.

It doesn’t matter to Me what you have done
Where you go,
How far you flee.

Come back to Me.

Let Me love you.
Let Me into your heart.
Let Me be with you.
Let the warmth of My Spirit
Consume you.
Don’t be afraid.
There is no pain here.
Only peace.
In My embrace.
I love you, My child.

Come back to Me…

©2020, T. Rea Okerberg

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