25 March 2019

A couple big announcements...

Heyyyy, so I wanted to address some things I've been rolling around in my hands for some weeks now.

So, at the first of it all, I've been gearing up for school to start.  Not only that, I've been learning the guitar (and getting better, surprisingly enough), and I've been challenged to learn a new song.  And boy, is it a challenge!  Bring it on, I say!

The really big stuff I'm looking forward to, however, are outside of school and the guitar:

I've gotten a lot more curious about my writing, and about which genre to plant myself into for awhile and see where it goes.  Initially, I thought it was comedy (because I'm pretty funny, I'm told.  However, the downside of that?  The funnier I am, the likelihood that I'm really uncomfortable is pretty strong).  The more I thought about it, and after having just submitted my second article to the Church Newsletter, I have to admit...  I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe, it's deeper than that.  After a long discussion with a close friend, I handed it to God and told Him, 'I'm ready for whatever You want me to do with this.'

Turns out, spiritual writing is pretty much where I've been most comfortable, because it's something I know a lot about and I am pretty passionate about it, also.  So, I've made it official on my Goodreads page:

Also, after I'm done with the program I'm entering into at the end of April, which is a fourteen-month-long program, I'm going to look into going back to school again, this time as an educator teaching Creative Writing to adults.  The aforesaid friend was really encouraging that I'm a good writer and felt that I'd make a great writing teacher, and I never forgot that statement, so I figured I'd maybe look into it.  What's the hurt, right?

For now, I'm anxiously awaiting Easter, Confirmation...  and I'm just learning my guitar and learning as much as I can about my Beloved Jesus.  You may notice on the 'home' page there's a tab called 'Opus Dei,' it means 'Work of God' or something like that.  I know 'Dei' means 'God.  I can't remember.

Anyway, I'm going to be taking some time to pull apart some things I've been learning and wrestling with and writing things about them.  There are some titles listed, but nothing's published yet.  It will be, eventually, but I need to finish writing 'em and I need to see about getting them 'vetted' first before sharing with the masses.

Outside of all of this... There's not much else to share.  More to come, though!  More to come!

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