30 September 2019

Today is full of promise.

In a little while, a new journey will begin for me. Someone I have a meeting with came highly recommended to help me with some things I’ve been fighting for many, many years. This morning, during prayers, it hit me: We come into...

This morning, during prayers, it hit me: We come into each other’s lives for varying reasons. I’d heard about this person over a year and a half ago, but I knew back then I wasn’t ready yet. I never understood why, but I knew it wasn’t time yet.

Over the summer, my counselour, Julie, got a different job, so her last week at the office where we met, we had a long talk about it and I was – and still am – very happy for her. The next counselour I had there, I’d met once before (he was there for an observatory thing and Julie had asked me if I was cool with him being in a session with us. I didn’t care, so he stayed)… the thing is, I get it. I get that things in society are falling apart and that people have gone completely mad. What is not at all okay is asking me my pronouns? I’m serious. ‘You identify as female, right?’ UH. Yes… ‘I identify as male...’

Listen. If I had a problem with you having dangly parts, you would, most assuredly, not have been welcomed in the room when Julie and I were talking the day I met you. The bulk of what I’ve been through, I’ve dealt with as best I can. Sure, there are still things that are surfacing and it’s driving me nuts, but I promise you, if I felt in any way uncomfortable talking to a guy about them… in a professional setting… I mean… I’d have spoken up.

Not to sound mean or harsh, I’m just saying it is a moot point if I have allowed you to be in the room the day I met you… and Julie and I had some serious discussion happen that day, so… /shrug

So, after a lot of careful thought and a long conversation with my friend and mentor, he recommended his friend who’s a great psychologist, not a LiSW (which is what the person who asked me what I ‘identify’ as, is). I’m going to be meeting with this person today.

We are the same religion, it’s something that is deeply important to us both. He is brilliant with his field, knows how to navigate issues that people such as my self face, so I’m super excited to get started on this leg of my journey. I am not going into this with ‘there’s a cure for my trouble on the horizon!’ in my head, but with ‘there’s someone who’s going to hopefully be able to help me with my situation!’ in my head.

Note I said hopefully be able to help.

I don’t let myself get excited about much. But this? Right here? I’m definitely excited because of all the things I have heard about this person, so yes. I’m definitely allowing myself a little bit of excitement.

Good Saint Dymphna, great wonder-worker in every affliction of mind and body, I humbly implore your powerful intercession with Jesus through Mary, the Health of the Sick, in my present need. (Mention it.) Saint Dymphna, martyr of purity, patroness of those who suffer with nervous and mental afflictions, beloved child of Jesus and Mary, pray to Them for me and obtain my request.
(Pray one Our Father, one Hail Mary and one Glory Be.)
Saint Dymphna, Virgin and Martyr, pray for us.

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