29 October 2018

Rite of Acceptance yesterday.

I'm still trying to process what yesterday was as a whole, but I have something to show you.  Yesterday, as I mentioned in my previous post, was the Rite of Acceptance for us who are participating in the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) classes to become a Catholic.  We were brought formally before the congregation as either a Candidate for Confirmation or as a Catechumen (someone who's not been baptized yet).

Philosophy, Auntie-Grannie!, and other ponderings...

Here I am. I'm gearing up for NaNoWriMo next month, and I'm really excited. I've been taking my time getting things in order, and so far, it's going well. A few days ago, I reached out to the people in charge of my program and I've asked if I can hold off taking the next course before the big Capstone project until December. I want to have time (and energy) for both work AND play. Not that I really go anywhere interesting in my 'off' times, but nonetheless. :)

Halloween - History and its cultural changes

One of the oldest holidays known throughout human civilization, Halloween dates back some many thousands of years.  In the Celtic culture, it's called Samhain (pronounced sow-ain), and in Roman culture, it was commonly known as 'Pomona Day.'    In the Celt tradition, it was the celebration of the ending of summer and the beginning of harvesting as well as the dark, cold winter, which was commonly associated with human death.  Dark, right?

There's a vast difference in pronunciation of 'Samhain' and Halloween, and a lot of us aren't really farmers that need to harvest anything, right, so let's take a look at why Halloween is, well, Halloween.

Why isn't the kettle sounding off...?

Alright, so the world needs laughter.  Desperately.  Please, allow me to be a contributing factor to such comedic relief!

22 October 2018

Alright, lovelies.

They say ‘truth is stranger than fiction,’ and some of the best stories start out with, ‘No bullshit, I was there!’

So, I’ve decided to do a little something different. This was inspired by the SECOND time I’ve attempted to cook something and it didn’t go quite as planned (at first). I’m starting a new series, and I’m going to call it ‘The Blonde Chef’ - bounced this idea off of a pretty close friend of mine and she encouraged me to do it. So, here we are.

Gather ‘round the spatula, children, and I, I will tell you the tale of a crockpot and a FryDaddy.