27 January 2018

It's time we get serious about our fun, people.

Alright, boys and girls, let's take a moment to talk about a little something with big, serious, and weighty consequences.  Bullying.  Specifically, in this case, AUTHOR BULLYING.

No one likes to be picked on or attacked.  Growing up, as children we tested the proverbial waters of what is, and is not, socially alright.  Regardless of what isn't alright, though, sometimes there are those people who do cross the line and say or even do terrible things to their fellow humans for whatever ridiculous reason that drives them to ugly behaviour.  Bullying, in any form, is NOT alright.  PERIOD.

09 January 2018

Origins of a Word Nerd: My Story

Hello out there, readers!  I'm going to try a little something different for the next few weeks.  A lady whose blog I follow, DIY MFA, has started this really neat book club thing, and I'm going to use the prompts she shares as a jumping off point for blog posts (who knows what will evolve after that, am I right?).

The first one is how I got started writing.

02 January 2018

Alright.  Here's a 'coffee thought' that hit me yesterday while I was putting my recipe for chili for dinner last night.

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