09 January 2018

Origins of a Word Nerd: My Story

Hello out there, readers!  I'm going to try a little something different for the next few weeks.  A lady whose blog I follow, DIY MFA, has started this really neat book club thing, and I'm going to use the prompts she shares as a jumping off point for blog posts (who knows what will evolve after that, am I right?).

The first one is how I got started writing.

I remember I was about five years old when I got bit by the Creative Bug.  I have always been inquisitive and fiercely attentive to detail (things most people would overlook as, 'EH.  Okay.  Whatever' and go about their day, I would stop and really explore until I was satisfied with my findings.  I have not grown out of this.  I'm now a parent, myself, and my baby is just turned 18 as of Sunday).  I remember playing 'School' with my dolls and stuffed animals, but I'd make up these really intricate stories about my 'students' and their 'families.'  When most kids my age were out doing things like riding bicycles and playing chase or climbing trees and whatever other sorts of shenanigans they could get themselves into, I was the kid who always had her nose buried in a book somewhere, or I was at the library exploring whatever tomes I could get my hands on.  I was happiest (still am) in quiet places where the only 'voices' I hear are those bled all over pages of books.  I'm serious.

My brothers and I didn't have the greatest childhood, there were a lot of things that could've been worlds better.  Writing became my escape, the one thing I had control over the outcome of whatever was going on in that character's life.  The harder things got as I got older, the more I wrote as a means of coping.  Now, I just write because it's fun.  And challenging.  And I love a good challenge, so why not, right?

To date, I have written (to completion) two books (and they are published).  We won't discuss how many WIPs I've got stored away, alright?  Never you mind about that! 

I am going to end this with a quote I saw not too long ago.  I don't know who said it, exactly, but it's for any aspiring writer out there who actively looks for whatever reason (nay, excuse) not to sit down and slam out some words:

You want to be a writer.  It's all you've
EVER wanted to be.  It's what you spend all this time on, training and practicing your craft.  Get off your ass and write your page and QUIT CRYING ABOUT IT!

PS - 'Honour your reality.  Resistance is your compass.  don't compound failure with guilt.  Don't panic.  Ask, "How?"  the wall does not exist.' (again, no clue where this came from, was just something random I saw one day and wrote it down on a sticky note and it's now on my whiteboard on my desk)

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