31 December 2017

More books? Yes, please!

In my last post, I mentioned in passing about a book challenge for 2018.  This morning I found a few books I am so excited to get started reading, I'm starting off the year with one of the titles.

The books I downloaded this morning were written by people I know from a writing group I belong to on good ol' Facebook.  Both are dystopian fiction books, which is a genre I have discovered I rather enjoy reading.  I got interested a few years ago, and now I'm working on a six-novel series of dystopian fiction.  Because I am a glutton for punishment.  Oh, yes.

Anyway, so there's a reading event going on with Kate L Mary's book, Broken World, that starts on the 8th and goes for two weeks.  I'm also going to be tucking into Stephen North's book, Like A Man and Purchase Order #2113-21AThere will, of course, be reviews posted of each of these books, too, once I finish reading each one.  I love to read books that make me think.  Dystopian books tend to be a bit of a warning, a warning that screams, 'If we don't straighten up and change things quick, this is what's going to happen!'

Tell me, dear reader, what are your favourite genres?  What are your reading plans for the upcoming year?  I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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