01 April 2017

It begins..... And I'm JUST about ready this time.

Welcome to April, Appreciated Friend! Welcome to the insanity of writing 50,000 words this month. Yeah…. And then a break in May, and then back at it for JuNoWriMo in June, NO break in July because there's another Camp NaNoWriMo for July, and then off for the summer until NaNoWriMo in November, then off till April. Rinse, repeat.

I… am a glutton for punishment, I think! That's gonna be a LOT of typin'. Let's see…. 50K per month, four months…. That is 200k! IN FOUR MONTHS!

I accept this challenge.

Let's do this!

Mad dash for last minute prep work last night before the brownout

What's going to happen for this month is two things:

I am going to have two guest “bloggers.” I have quotations around that because these two people, outside of my own head, don't exist! That's right, they're protagonists from two entirely different works in progress (WIPs). They are bickering back and forth about who's getting “screen time” first. So, it's been decided that I'm going to let these two hit the keys and explain their sides, their reasons, and explain why they think they're the more “deserving” party to be given attention first.

These two individuals are from two entirely different eras. Oh, and one's not even human. He's a vampire. With really terrible luck with women. The other one's a seventeen-year-old girl, she's human, and she's a bit on the…. Intimidating side. Not really, she's just TALL. And solid. Like, if you saw this girl, you'd wonder if she was there to rip you apart or plop down and chat with you about space and books and whatever other intellectual pursuits she's chasing for the moment. I'm excited to “introduce” these two individuals to you.

The first one, Terrence (seventeen y/o girl), will introduce herself tomorrow. Morty (vampire… He's eternally 21, by the way), if there's time later in the day tomorrow, will likely chime in his two cents worth, also.

There will be much coffee, water, and Powerade consumed during this month's excursion. Not one drop of energy drink or soda will pass these lips. Not unless it's Ramune, which my niece introduced us to last night. Pretty tasty stuff. Methinks I'm picking some up later for lunch today. ;)

The spring cleaning's been done, the shopping's about to be taken care of for the next couple weeks or so…. I'm ready for this. Well… mostly. I am still working out my playlists for Terrence and for Morty. There will be two playlists for this month. The one playlist will be music from 1978 to about 1984, which will be Morty's playlist, and the other playlist will be music from about 1989 till about 1994, and that will be for Terrence. I'm pretty pleased with how this is going to play out. I've got another idea a friend gave me about writing something from a feline's perspective. I've got three cats and one dog, and I've done something along those lines before many years ago. If I get sick of Terrence and Morty complaining at each other, I'll send them off into another room for awhile and tap into my felines' personalities and write something from their perspective, with a little bit of my dog's personality thrown in for good measure.

I think while I'm at it this month, I'm going to (if I've got the mental energy to do so…. +squints at Morty and Terrence+) work on my website some, too.   

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