02 April 2017

FitBit on a budget. Say what?!

Okay, antics with Morty and Terrence will begin later today.  I've got something I want to show you right now before I get off the computer for the night.

You know how the latest craze is those little FitBit devices? And yet, those of us (such as myself) are on a strict budget and can't really afford such an item at present?

I generally don't get all excitable about the latest technology.  You WON'T (I promise) find me the line for the next Android or (gag) iPhone device.  No, I've got better things to do with my time.  Not too long ago, a friend of mine bought a Jawbone.  I was really surprised to find the one she'd purchased to be so inexpensive on Amazon.  Less than $30 and I'd have had something to mind my steps so I wouldn't have to keep my phone to do that.  I mean, the app I'm using now is great, yes, but if I'm out doing errands and I'm at maybe 20% battery....  If I'm running the app, it'll drain the battery FAST.  I've had this happen no less than twice now, and it's quite frustrating when that happens.

Yesterday, my niece and I were sitting here talking about them, and she gave me the one she's been using. It's not a FitBit, HOWEVER, it does use an app called “Running Plus” which you're going to want to download the “smart bracelet” version for it to truly work, and does sync with the device you wear to keep track of your steps.

IT ALSO KEEPS TRACK OF YOUR SLEEP. I've not worn it to bed yet, as it's only midnight, and I tend to stay up till easily four in the morning. ;) BUUUUUUUUT…. I plan to wear it to bed tonight to see how my sleep measures up. You can do just about anything to this crazy thing, too, which is pretty neat. You can set your daily goal for how many steps, you can set your sleep time goal (so for example, I'm going to bed at 3, and I'm planning to get up by 11, so that's eight hours, we'll see how well I do, if I sleep that long or not).

Midnight each night, the tracker resets itself, BUT it keeps a history for up to seven days, and you can sync your app with the device (via Bluetooth) and retrieve your history..

Stay tuned. I'll check in later today to show how it looks on my sleep cycle, the first go of me using it. :P

To show you what it looks like, the app, check these pictures/screenshots:
   This is what it looks like on my wrist...

 The little flag means how close or far you are from your goal....  The flag moves as you get closer to your goal for the day.
 Sleep tracker.  :)  The more your sleep is on-point for your goal, the more hearts you have.
 kCal tracker.  As you can see, I've burned 6 calories.  ;)  
Since midnight, I've walked 137 steps (at the time of this photo) 
 The band doesn't latch like a watchband, but I've had it on for pretty much all evening (with the exception of taking it off to take photos of the device itself, and the band's outer-buttons).  No issues (so far!)
 The device itself.  Isn't it cute!?
 The side with the buttons.....
The outer-buttons on the band itself.

The app, when it downloads, will go to your home screen.  The app for the device I'm writing about is the purple button to the left of my Snapchat app.  It's called "runningPlus."

The settings screen where you tell it your specs.  Gender, age, height, weight... Only thing is, though, on the height/weight factor, you have to either be REALLY good at converting Imperial (what we Americans use for measuring stuff) to Metric (what the rest of the world uses to measure stuff).  I just went to Bing and did a search for a conversion calculator, since I'm horrible with math.  ;) 
Home screen for the app.

 This is how I did, as of this afternoon on till midnight when the device reset itself to zero.  I'd left it as a 10k steps goal, and as you can see, I ALMOST made it!
 This will have stats when I get up.  I'm going to bed here in about ten minutes (ish.  Gotta finish up my day first!).
 This is the kCal meter.  From the time of me wearing the device till midnight when it reset itself back to zero, I burned 361.4 calories.
 This is the distance I walked: 2.891km, which is 1.80 miles.  Not too shabby!
 This is the distance, as part of a graph, the steps is on the left, the blue bar on the right is what I walked.

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