02 March 2017

An epiphany. Sort of. (Maybe?)

Oh, wow.  I've got something that just hit me right between the eyes.

I'm sitting here watching a movie, just wasting time till my husband's off work.  I'm also doing things on Pinterest.  Totally relishing in the time-wasting thing.

Earlier, I was sitting here kicking myself about, "MAN...  Facebook is such a time-suck.  I need to start spending less time on there."  And what a surprise, here it is a little after 7 in the evening, and I'VE NOT DONE A THING TODAY.

It just hit me:  I'm sitting here reading all these things about time management and routine, and blah blah blah....  Wait.  Wait a second.  I just realized something:  I NEED STRUCTURE!  THAT'S MY PROBLEM!

Time management really has never been an issue....when it pertains to if I've got an appointment somewhere, or if I need to be at work at a certain time (when I worked outside the home).

Time management is a necessity.  Structure, especially.  I have PART of it figured out.  When I get up to start my day, my dog gets her first walk for the day in, then she and my cats get fed.  Once my dog's done eating her breakfast, she gets her meds (wrapped in a slice of cheese, because she won't take it straight, because she's a stinker).  She gets another walk around lunchtime, and then another one early in the afternoon, one before dinner, then she and my cats get fed their dinner, and then not long after dinner's been eaten, she goes for another walk, and then one more before bed, and then she gets a Dentastick before we go to sleep.

Dishes get done after dinner, but beyond that?  Not really much else.  I'm a pretty tidy person overall.  I was just blessed with some plastic crates that I've used to organize my bathroom closet (trust and believe me when I say that that closet was horrible-looking before I finally fixed it up!).  Now everything's easy to find and looks a LOT neater.

My pets (three cats and a dog) all have structure.  My husband has a job outside the home, so we both keep up on what days he's got to work, what times, etc, so if we want to make plans, we know what days are good and what days aren't.

There's tons of information encouraging routines and self-care, and the like, and I'm trying to navigate all this information.

My goal is to get it hammered out tonight.  Once that's situated, I'll be able to be more productive.

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