04 March 2017

Let's do this!

I am giving up carbonated beverages.  Soda, energy drinks (yes, you're reading that right.  No, I promise, aliens have NOT taken over, this is not some sort of Outer Limits type thing, this is most assuredly me).
Don't worry, coffee and I are still +crosses fingers+ like this.  That won't change.  Promise.  I was having lunch with my husband the other day and I noticed how quickly I'd felt full on eating some fries and a simple chicken sammy.  Husband got up and got a refill of his drink, and offered to grab me one.  I politely declined because I had to walk home and didn't want to feel like I was swimming.  Ha.  Within about an hour and a half of being home, I felt hungry again.  Now, I'd had a small thing of fries, a sammy, and four nuggets (that 4 for $4 thing at Wendy's, HIGHLY recommended if you're wanting to splurge a little when on a lunch date with your partner!), that should've filled me, because I also had a drink with it.  It hit me:  it was the soda.  The air from the carbonation made my tummy feel full which sent signals to my brain going, "No more, thanks, we're good down here!"

Thing is, though, I don't drink enough water, and I realized today WHY that is.  The water in my city is disgusting.  I don't like tap water.  I never have.  I'll drink it if I HAVE to, like there's no other alternative on hand (ie coffee, tea, Powerade, Koolaid, something like that), but it has got to be ice cold.  Like enough where if I drink it, I better be seeing penguins swimming around in my glass.   After a nice lunch date with my husband yesterday, we went grocery shopping.  While we were there, not even an hour after I'd told my husband I'm giving up carbonated beverages, as we were walking by the drinks aisles, I see the Brita pitchers ($30 a whack.... No, not today), and then my husband points out these water bottles are on clearance for $5 each.   I got a blue one.

I remember that I've had water that's been through the Brita filtration things before, an old co-worker years ago had one and oh, yes, it was tasty water.  I'm excited to say that I've got my bottle all filled up and chilling in the fridge right now as I type this.  The thing I learned about myself, though, is I'm one of those "all in or not at all" types of people.  I've got a drawer full of oranges in the fridge, too, because I wanna reach for something healthy rather than something that's going to give me an immediate satisfaction, but then a hard crash later (I'm glaring at YOU, sugary snacks!).

I'm going to be getting weighed on Monday.  With all the walking I've been doing since my last visit, I'm hoping it's going to show on Monday.  Even if the tiniest bit of decrease from last time, I'll take it.

 This is February's workout results.  I've been using the MapMyWalk app, which is part of MapMyFitness.  :)

Pretty pleased with this, and I'm hoping as the weather warms up (and STAYS warm consistently), I'll be able to log more consistent increases because I LOVE being outside.  I do have stuff I can do indoors, though, while Mother Nature's having her tantrums.  ;)

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