31 December 2016

On the cusp of a new year!

Happy (almost) New Year, everyone!

These past few days, I've been reflecting on a lot of things.  This year we're finishing up...  I gotta ask something.

Does anyone else feel like the hero at the end of a bad movie, battered and bruised, hair all a mess, dirt smudges running down one's cheeks...  That crazed look in the eyes, and in a tired, raspy voice saying, "It's over.  Oh, thank Heaven, it's over."  I feel like that.  But, for the pain, the frustration, the heartache of losing heroes from my childhood seemingly one after another this year...  As well as all the personal issues I've dealt with in my household and my family.... I can't help but look at all that mess and say, "We made it."  I know y'all may not see it, but we kicked serious booty this year.  WE'RE ALIVE.  WE DID IT.  Life, true to form, threw some curveballs - sometimes outright pretty ugly and scary - and we came out on top, stronger and ready to take on the next task.

WE.  DID.  IT.

We've learnt to grow, we've learnt to keep going.  Congratulations, you.  Congratulations to us all.  We did it.

Now go out there and make 2017 something stupendous!  Be it taking on a new hobby, or recommitting yourself to your higher power (whatever or whomever that is), or whatever it is you've always wanted to do and said, "maybe later..."  Well, it's "later," my friend.  "Later" has come.  You owe yourself a reward for surviving one of the crappiest years EVER.

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