24 November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just thought I'd poke my head in and say Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
I don't know what your plans are for the holiday, but I hope whatever they are, whomever you celebrate with, I hope you have fun, enjoy the day, and are safe in your travels, even if it's to the store and back.

If you do go to the store and have to interact with employees of any establishment, may I ask a humble favour?

Please, be kind to these people.  They are sacrificing their time away from their families and friends today to be of service to you and your families and friends.  Please, if something doesn't ring up right, don't take it out on the cashier, the courtesy clerk (bagger), guest services (service desk).  It is not their fault.  Sometimes there's a glitch in the system.  Sometimes it was just a clerical error on the pricing coordinator's end.  There's so many possibilities of what could've happened, but I promise you, it is not something to have a meltdown to shame Chernobyl over.

The holidays are stressful enough.  There's likely some poor soul that's working that doesn't have anyone to celebrate with, and when they get off work, they're going to go home to an empty home, or worse, an abusive family member, or even worse than that, they may not even have a home at all.  Please, please be kind today.  I mean, of course be kind always, but especially today.  Don't sit around the table with your family and friends and go on about how "thankful" you are, and then go to the store because Mom forgot the marshmallows for the yams and when you get to the store, you find a sale tag that you didn't notice had expired, and when you get to the register, they ring up way more than you'd planned on paying.  Please don't take it out on the cashier.  Don't mow down people in the aisles.  Everyone's there like you with a purpose in mind:  Getting last-minute items that were either forgotten, or under planned and they're needing a bit more to make sure everyone has some to enjoy.

Please take a moment with your precious guests and say a "thank you" prayer for our men and women in uniform - military, EMS, hospital staffers, firefighters, police, that are working extra hard, so you can be safe to enjoy the day.  Leave your petty differences outside.  Leave politics for another day.  Leave differences of opinion about jobs, religion, anything that might trigger an argument, leave those OUTSIDE.  WHERE THEY BELONG.  I assure you, those issues will be right there waiting for you when you're done with dinner and have gone home.  I promise you, there's no reason to be vindictive or petty today.  Today is supposed to be a day of gratitude, and love.

Please take a little time out of your day and go visit someone who may be lonely.  Or just lost a loved one and this is their first holiday without that beloved person to celebrate with them.  Give them a hug and let them know you're thinking of them, and that they're not alone.  Make yourself readily available to someone who's overwhelmed, be a friend.

Something my husband and I are going to start implementing this year (and I'm not even sure why I never did this before, I only just this year thought to do this), I'm going to light a candle to represent those who have gone on before us, and I'm going to have a moment of silence for those lost loved ones.  During dinner, before we get started, I want to go around and offer up just a couple things we're thankful for.  I saw this once in a movie years ago and thought, "that's so neat." but never did it myself.  LOL  I see every year around this time people on Facebook talk about, "Day 5, I'm thankful for chips.  Because they're crunchy and amazing."  or, whatever they're thankful for, and each day's something different.  Sometimes it's the usual "I'm thankful for my friends, and my family, and my job, and [insert common thing here]" and sometimes it is so random like, "I'm thankful for brooms because I can sweep the cat hair off my floor.  Thanks, Fluffy!"  ;)

I don't generally do those.  It's not because I don't have things to be thankful for, I do.  But I try to exercise gratitude everyday, not just in November and December.  

Please, be kind today to your fellow humans.  Some are having a more difficult day than you are.  Some are having a harder time than you for forgetting the cranberry sauce or grabbing the wrong flavour of soda for dinner.  Those humans who are facing Thanksgiving alone because family's too far away, or loved ones are overseas fighting terrorism so you can enjoy your holiday in peace, it won't hurt to say "thank you" while you're participating in your traditions.  I try not to make it a habit to ask for anything of people, but this time, I make the exception, because you lose nothing by saying "Thanks" but you gain everything by being truly sincerely grateful for what you have.

For those who are traveling to other parts of the country (or even the world), to you brave souls, I say this:  BE SAFE.  Don't drink and drive.  There's a lot of stupid people out there who can't be arsed to drive sober or even pay attention who ARE sober.  Make sure to keep tabs on your children, your luggage, your ID, your surroundings.  Be careful out there, things have gotten pretty crazy in recent days!

I pray for you all to have a peaceful, warm, and joyous day.

Happy Thanksgiving, you amazing person.  With all my heart, I'm glad to know you and I'm glad you're here.  Here's to a wonderful holiday season!

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  1. That's a lovely post, Rea! Sorry I've fallen behind in blog posts and emails. November was crazy for me.


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