08 November 2016

Adventures this week.

Resuming the productivity on my veteran story.  But, I'm stuck (a little).  Good thing I've got something to help with that issue:

This book, coupled with this, I'm pretty well set on fleshing out characters.  :)  I just have this incredibly frustrating habit of not pacing the story out.  I'm not used to writing books, but short stories.  Even though, yes, this is my second (technically third*) book.  My first one (technically second**), the one I published in June this year, that one's just done like a correspondence between two people.  This one's vastly different.  This one's more like a regular novel.  Beginning, middle, end.

This one's about a veteran and his (mis)adventures in the military, from the second he sets foot into the recruiter's office, on through Reception Battalion, and all through his progression through the ranks, and then, ultimately, when he ends his time in service.

I think the Basic Training scenes are going to be .... interesting to write.  Good thing my husband and a lot of my friends are veterans!

*When I was 15, I tried to write a book.  A romance novel, but at 15, I really didn't know very much about relationships or how marriage was supposed to work.  I had a pretty limited exposure to it.  Needless to say, that book didn't end up getting finished, not even sure what happened to that old spiral notebook I was writing it all down in, either.  I just remember it was this really hideous orange five-subject spiral notebook.  LOL  Even got busted a few times in Algebra I class with it out when I was supposed to be paying attention.  Sorry, Mr Andersen.

**As aforesaid, I did start a book when I was 15.  Didn't finish, so technically no, it doesn't count, but at the same time, it does, because I had about half of it written.  I published a book in June this year, so technically that's my second book, but first ever to completion and publish.  So, yeah, technically this is my third.  :)

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