10 November 2016

When one is overwhelmed, one needs to just step back and take it all in. Carefully..

My Mom texted me earlier.  She's real big into meditating and she's got an eye for detail (which is pretty much where I get MY attention to detail... Thanks, Ma!).  She wrote something that I want to share with you, dear reader(s).

When I read it, I could see everything in my mind just as clear as I can see my laptop in front of me right now, as I type this.  I asked her permission to share it with you.

 I wrote this meditation.  I just really need some peace right now:

Let us walk together.

Let us take our time to breathe the crisp Autumn air.

As we walk down this road with the beautiful trees, so proud of their colors that they must share them with us, let us take the time to clear our minds and truly see what is before us.

There is serenity here.

As we walk down this road, we crunch thru the fallen leaves.
The birds are readying their nests for latter fall and winter.

The squirrels join in.

Off in a near meadow, there are horses grazing along a small stream.

Let us stop here, just taking a moment to watch these majestic animals.

The air has a pungency to it here.

There is a mixture of scents, all co-mingling together: wet leaves, hay, the usual horse scents.

The world just seems to stand still here with us, taking in this wonderful scene.

Here there are no worries.

Here there is no fear.

Here there is only tranquility and peace.

Here there is safety.

Let us not be afraid.  Let us not allow fear to dictate our lives.  But let us look ahead and help bring a peaceful future for us all.

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