11 October 2016

Oh, y'know, just goofing off, mucking about online, when I should be working.

Hello, and welcome Fall!

Things have been so insane in my world lately.  Granted, no, that's no real reason to be so absentee, but I've been learning a lot about blogging, learning a lot about writing, learning a lot about a lot of different things.  And you know what?  It's been quite a wild ride.

Can you believe it's already October, and more than that, we're already in our 2nd week of October?!  Where is time going in such a hurry...

The weather's cooling down, I've not had to run my AC for days now, and it's been glorious, let me tell you.  Made some new friends, said good-bye to friends that were too toxic, and just trying to sort myself out.  This month's always bittersweet for me.  September, well, September's that creepy neighbour that everyone knows, but no one wants to talk about, so we just avoid September by walking along and as we get within a few feet, we cross the street and keep going about our business as best we can, while September shakes a fist at us and screams obscenities as we pass.

But, now that October's here, there's two things I need to get through, and I will be okay, and I can welcome November with open arms, same as I do every year.

This year, though, as we wrap up the craptastic year that 2016 has been (I mean, really, HOW many artistic heroes have we lost this year?!), my husband and I are up in the air about if we're signing a new lease or if we're going to move on to greener pastures.  We're discussing, and while the alternative to staying here isn't the greatest, it is, really, the lesser of two very aggravating realities.  One that I am - grudgingly, if I'm honest, and I am honest, to a fault - willing to endure.  Notice I did not say "tolerate."  Nor did I say "welcome."  Neither did I say "embrace."  No.  "endure" is much more fitting, because of where we are discussing going, and I'm not really that excited about it.  I'm just..........not.  I'm excited about a change of scenery.  I'm excited about putting this craptastic city in the rearview mirror and not ever looking back.  I'm excited about never having to step foot in this drunktank ever again.  But....  I'd rather live in a small town.  A quiet town.  None of this big-city-go-go-go life.  I've had my fill of it, more than my fair share.  I'm full up.  Done.  Ready for the slower pace again that I grew up with.  One day.  This is a start, I suppose.

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