12 October 2016

Who, me? Nah... I'm just ... I'm here. Nothing to see. Keep scrolling.

I'm on the cusp of something huge right now.  Something I can't quite describe.  As NaNoWriMo is showing up more and more on the horizon, my furstration's starting to turn into more motivation than anything.  I've got the start of my novel, I need to dust it off and breathe some new life into it, BUT I MUST get the research done FIRST.

I was talking to a friend ..... Yesterday?  Day before yesterday?  I can't remember, I know it was within the last several days for sure.  Anyway, we were discussing outlining vs being a "pantser" when it comes to writing.  I used to be an outliner.  EVERY SINGLE DETAIL, right down to my characters' favorite genre of music was mapped out.  Now?  I tend to go by the seat of my pants, which I've only this year learned that's being a "pantser," so to speak.

Anyway, I voiced a frustration I'm facing about where my story took me when I initially picked up the idea back in June, how it has taken me on a weird journey that I have to do a LOT of research first for the story to work properly.  Tonight, it hit me.  I can take these concerns, EXACTLY as I've written them, to the two gals who've openly consented for me to ask them my questions - one whose husband is a LEO (or I think he's retired?  I can't remember), and one who's got a BS in Criminal Justice and go from there.  After all, isn't art, in all its form and chaos, like a big puzzle for the non-artists to look at and say, "that's a big sack of 'nope.'" and the artist to come along and say, "Ohhhh, lemme see what I can do with this!" and we take those pieces and put them together to make beauty and they make sense to the non-artist?

That's kinda where I am right now, I'm wanting to take the little pile of pieces I've got that I've NO clue how to put in order and hand them to two people I KNOW can make sense of this and help ME to make sense of things.

I've recently acquired some books to help pace my book out, help me map out the plot (because, hello, let's be honest here, my name is Rea and I'm a pantser.  I've not been a plotter since High School.), that sort of thing.  I'm excited.

And.........I'm more than just a little terrified, because 19 days to go, and here I sit, mucking about online while my husband and I enjoy a movie and some amazing yumminess I threw together in the crock pot for dinner (recipe forthcoming in my next post).

But, for now, I'm going to sign off and go finish watching the movie, and work on some bullet journaling and then go to sleep, I've got to be over to my neighbour's in about 6 hours to babysit for a little while.  Ta!

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