24 April 2018

I think Amazon's trying to kill me.

Awhile back, I'd found this book available on the Kindle store for pre-order about Helen Keller. Now, I remember a bit about her when I was a kid, I used to have a little book about her that I was OBSESSED WITH. I read it till it fell apart. You could ask me any factoid about her, and I probably knew. Now? Notsomuch.
So, when I saw it was up for grabs, for free, and would be available on the 24th, you KNOW I had to grab it!

I did.

And… promptly forgot.

You've gotta understand, y'all, things've been quite topsy-turvy for me since February. I've been picking up metaphorical messes left and right, and only now things are settling down into a nice little rhythm (I love that word, spelling it out. I just… I don't know. It's aesthetically pleasing to me. DON'T JUDGE!). Tonight, I get an e-mail (just a little bit ago, actually), from Amazon, something about my order's hit my account or something suchlike.

Wait. My who? Whatchumean my 'order'?!

I DIDN'T ORD---Oh. Wait. Ha. Yeah, now I remember.

So, yeah, now that my heart's up behind my eyelids right now…. I'm going to go finish my ice cream and finish writing the post I MEANT to finish Friday and got distracted.

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