27 March 2018

I know, it's been awhile... I'm sorry!

I know it's been a little bit, faithful followers of the blog.  I've got an announcement, so you're well and truly informed BEFORE the big change takes place, so as to avoid confusion (hopefully).

These past few weeks have brought on an onslaught of changes for my home and personal life.  Things are ironing out as they happen, but there's still much yet to be done.  That being said, the announcement is this:  As of Friday (provided all goes well), I am going to be changing the page domain from 'tweakymuse' to something else.  It hurts me to have to go through this type of change (largely because I've had this domain for two years now, and because it's become quite a frustration to try to figure a few things out to fix this wrinkle, as it were, but as my PA has informed me, the transition won't be as difficult as I'd initially thought.  Cue sigh of relief!)  The reason for the change... It's a complicated issue - one I rather don't feel like going into - but not to worry, there won't be a 404 Error message thrown at you once I get the new domain purchased and get everything from my host re-routed to the new domain address.

Please bear with me as these changes take place (hopefully it will be painless for all of us!).

Thanks for your patience.

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