14 December 2017

'Like' a boss? No. I AM the boss! ;)

Helloooooooo, lovely readers!

I'm pretty excited.  I decided to buckle down and get some organizing done on my office.  (this is a pic-heavy post!  Be warned!)

Behold!  My little office is picked up (for now)!

I want to point out that the little spiral notebook on the far left, that's my journal.  As in, yes, I'm going back to the old ways and actually writing pen-to-paper again.  The middle one, that little journal with the circles on the cover... I'm not sure what I'm going to do with that one yet.  The one on the right, that's a handmade one I got from my Mom for my birthday this year.  I'm going to be using that as a writing journal.

 This little area is allowed to be like this.  This is where I keep spare pens, memory jar (to keep the cats from knocking it off a bookshelf... I'm looking at you, Ziva!), as well as printer paper and of course brain food.  Little Debbies and Snickers minis (don't judge me).

Another little area that's (somewhat) allowed to be a little bit cluttered.  The hat - y'all've seen it, that's my 'Thinking Cap' as I like to call it.  The green bucket has my washi tape collection, and that thing my hat's sitting on, those are going to be (when I can get the motivation) for tutoring.  I've got stuff printed off and I've got the tape to affix the little bits to the blocks to use for teaching.  But... My muse can be a LITTLE demanding... I can normally silence her by washing her mouth out with coffee in copious amounts and chocolate.  Usually.

My whiteboard that technically isn't a whiteboard.  As in it's not metal like the whiteboards you get and use for stuff.  Y'all know I'm all about upcycling, right?  A funny little story about this:  This is actually a top to a coffee table!  It's particle board and I've no clue what the white part is.  It's some kind of paint but it isn't paint.  I don't know.  We were given two of these tables by a friend of ours.  This one and one other.  We decided to pass them along to another friend of ours since she needed a coffee table.  As we were moving this one out to my car for easier transport, the bloody thing fell apart completely.  So, we just grabbed the other one and took it over to our friend's place and got it situated for her in her living room.  We explained that the other one had fallen apart, and since particle board isn't the friendliest sort of material to work with, we weren't going to attempt to put it back together.  When we got back from our visit, my husband wanted to put all the busted pieces (the top included) into the bin out back.  I told him no, just the legs can go.  I have an idea for the top.  And here we are.  It's rather handy, honestly.  And I didn't have to spend a wad of cash to get a metal one!  :D

My book case is all nice and spiffy.  All my reference books are grouped together, my desk is organized - there's a little cubby on the right hand side of my desk that's a mess.  Well... WAS a mess!
Top shelf - Religious texts and whatnot.
Second shelf - More religious texts and other miscellaneous books - art, dream interpretation (I don't do that, but I figure it could make for some great story ideas!).

Third shelf - Writing crawls and other writerly goodies to keep the muse busy.

Fourth shelf - Journals.  Don't look at me like that.  I'm not hoarding.  It's not hoarding if they're going to be used for stuff.  ...Right?

A slight close-up of my writerly bookshelf.  :)  I totally am going old-school with using a hard copy of Roget's Thesaurus.  Found that beaut at the thrift store several months ago, along with that Digital Photography All-in-One for Dummies.  :)  And of course what sort of Creative would I be if I didn't have a (growing) stash of colouring books, right?  :P

This is a close-up of my Religious-continued-and-melded-to-miscellaneous shelf.  I don't interpret dreams, but I figure the books (I have two on the subject) about that will make for great story prompts.  :D

The top shelf, close-up.  My religious texts.  These are all different things - there's Catholic and Protestant alike in there, as well as a Qu'ran and a Book of Mormon.  I like to be well-rounded.  I have friends who are Christian, Mormon, AND Muslim, so I don't like to just blindly go along with what the media says.  I'll read up on something and if I've a question, I ask the person I know practices that path.  I also have my Sign Language book up there, b/c it's too tall for the 2nd shelf.

I've got both my swipe file folders in the little cubby on the right hand side now, along with some wipes (for my white board), and I organized my journals that have yet to be used, I EVEN - get this - started using my paper planner again.  Holy cow, right?

That Subway sticker is NOT on my Mustard Seed devotional. 
It's on the plastic sleeve!  Promise!
SO.  Bring on 2018, I'm ready!  I'm even using my paper planner again.  I know, right?  Also, fun fact about that planner in this picture:  That's an old Dayrunner Planner thing from... No kidding: 1989!  Found it (and all the pages and such it came with) for less than a dollar at one of my favourite thrift stores just down the road from me.  Let me tell you something about correction tape.  It's a thing of beauty, but at the same time now I've got all these spaces that are striped with white-out tape.  I fully intend to use this throughout 2018 and quite possibly '19 if there's still room.  We shall see.  I am trying to figure out where to get some up-to-date pages for it, though, for when my upcycled cleverness runs out and the pages in here are full, I can just put some new ones in.  However...  I'm not sure where to look????  Maybe I'll take it to Office Depot or Office Max or Staples or something and poke around and see what's available.

Now if I could just get my book project started.....  Not just the planning/research part (that's easy), but the typing part!  I open Scrivener and that little cursor just... mocks me.  Legit MOCKS me.

Ever studied your ass off for a big exam and you think 'Alright, baby, I'm ready!  Bring on the questions!  I've got your answers right here!  Been studying since the first day of school!'  .................And you get your exam set down in front of you and..... your mind goes blank.  That's totally me with my current WIP!!

So totally my life right now!
I open Scriv and I'm sitting there like 'Wut er werds?'  So frustrating!  Sooooo.....  I'm going to keep at it.

I've got a COUPLE directions I could take it (thanks to fellow author friends who know what this frustration feels like and are experienced with the genre I'm wrestling with!), but.... Meh.  I'm about to cry.  LOL  It'll happen.

I've got this!

I know it's a tad bit early, but....  If we can start celebrating Christmas the day after Easter... Well, I say to you:

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