11 September 2017

Always Remember September 2001.

Sixteen years ago today, life changed for my country in a vastly different direction that we didn't expect (or, maybe some of us did, but didn't expect it would happen in our own lifetime to see.....  Isn't that the way of things, though...).  I won't ever forget where I was or what I was doing that morning.  I won't go into it here because I just can't bring myself to talk about it.  I have discussed it in the past, but I've had a new and more personal grief hit me eight days ago with the sudden passing of a very close friend. (I will write a tribute to her in my next post)

Sixteen years ago today, thousands of people lost their lives to needless violence.  Depending on who you ask, it was covered up that it was known was impending.  That is something that we as a whole can bicker about until kingdom come, but I won't engage in those sorts of nonsenses.  I don't have time, patience, or energy to do so, and it's sort of a personal guideline I have to not engage in a battle of wits and common sense with those who are lacking.  It's just not worth it...

Sixteen years ago today, many brave souls went rushing in to save those who couldn't get out.  Some lost their lives trying to save the scared, the dying. 

My thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families of those who still mourn.  My thoughts and prayers are with this entire country that we can learn from this horrible thing and teach our children this is NOT how to resolve a conflict. 

Those responsible parties that attacked our country out of hate and whatever rage they felt toward us, they have been dealt with justly.  Personally, for myself, I lost a close friend in that conflict, and it still hurts because we were thicker than thieves as the saying goes.  He forever remains in my heart and my memories. 

I had, recently, someone have the incredibly ridiculous chutzpah to sit in my living room and claim how 'sensitive' he was about 9/11 and claim that he'd lost a friend in the attack.  Initially, I was sorry to hear of his loss, but then he hit me with a picture that was not only denounced as a FAKE, but he INSISTED it was legit, and that it was his friend.  He tried to tell my husband and me that he had (you're going to love this) an app that shows if a picture's been photoshopped or if it's real.  Okay, I want that app, too!  What's it called?  "Oh, it's not on this phone, it's on my other phone, I can't remember where I put it, and I can't remember what the name of the app is."  Right.  Sure, of course.  First of all, you're stupid if you think I'm falling for that bullshit.  Secondly, it was proven to be a bullshit picture.  You have been caught in SO many lies, that I question how you can even believe yourself, let alone expect others to believe you.  You lie so much, even politicians and lawyers back away going, "Whoa, even I'M not that bad!"  Third, SHAME ON YOU for trying to milk sympathy for something you KNOW is bullshit.  Don't lie, alright, it won't get you anywhere. 

There are thousands of people who mourn real losses.  Thousands of people whose memories will all be all they have of their loved ones.  Final phone calls, e-mails, pager messages, whatever.  Thousands of people whose lives were spared due to a traffic jam, car accident on the road on their way to work, a broken shoelace, an argument with the kids about it's time to get up and get the day started.  Those people who will forever question, "That could've been ME.  Why was I spared, and they weren't?"  And you have the nerve to come into MY home with a bullshit PROVEN hoax and try to pass it off as legitimate.  No, jackass, just no.  I didn't really have much tolerance for you before that, but it weakened even further that afternoon in that one conversation.  It disintegrated when I caught you abusing (and threatening to kill) your cat.  Yeah, I know about that night, I was standing right there and saw (and heard) the entire thing.

At any rate, ladies and gentlemen of America, those of you who legitimately lost loved ones, - friends, family, co-workers, your favourite bus driver or cab driver, and the like - my heart is broken for you.  My prayers are on the constant today as they were that awful morning.

May we never, EVER forget.  May we never, EVER go through this again.  May we learn from this so as to prevent future attempts to harm innocent lives.

God bless us one and all.  We are Americans, we kick ass, it's what we do.

To the men, women, and children, even fur-children whose lives were suddenly cut short, I say this:  Eternal rest be granted unto you all by the Lord Jesus and His precious Momma.  May you all rest in Heaven, safe from harm, safe from the troubles of this world.  You are loved, you are thought of, and you are prayed for every day.  God be with your loved ones as they still, all these years later, try to make sense of what's happened.

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