30 July 2017

Happy Sunday and almost-August!

So, here we are, another day, another weekend.

Can you believe the year's just a little over halfway gone?  Crazy, right?

I noticed the other day that I've lost more weight in my face (guess I'm going to have to make another trip to the optometrist to get my glasses re-fitted since they keep sliding down my nose!  LOL), my hands, and even my arms.  My tummy's SLOWLY getting there, as are my legs.  I'm pretty tickled about this, and now that the weather's finally decided to calm down and it's not so disgusting outside, I'm seriously considering taking a couple walks per day again.  Haven't done that in awhile, although it's still just warm enough that I'm going to more than likely leave Emily at home for my afternoon walks because I don't want her little feet getting burned on the asphalt.

Things dietary-wise are going better, too.  It's insane how much salt is in stuff that I've never realized before, but I've gotten a LOT more conscientious about it.  I'm slowly weaning myself away from sweets (ie ice cream) and going more toward oranges, bananas, etc.  OMNOMNOM!  I've loved fruit my whole life, but my taste buds scream for ice cream.  ;)  I just can't help it!

With this nasty heat wave we had for a couple weeks, I wasn't able to get out as much as I'd like, and I got an e-mail stating that my MapMyWalk results were in.  In a week, I'd only walked 1.1 miles.  WHAT!?  Unacceptable!  I need to work on this more, methinks.

I'm looking forward to mosquito season ending, too, so I can enjoy being outside again on my patio.  I have plans to go outside and do some writing today, but we'll see.

On the car front, looks like we're going to start getting that underway the 2nd week in August or so, which makes me tickled to no end.  I'm pretty pleased about that.  Stay tuned for video of the hilarity that's going to ensue on that one, because while Shawn and our friend are poking around with car parts and such, there's going to be a LOT of joking and ridiculous accents.  I'll try my level best to keep the camera steady because I'm going to be laughing a LOT.

But for now, I take my leave of socializing and I'm going outside and doing some studying!  Ta!

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