12 June 2017

Just some thoughts for you. :)

If you were to come visit me, right now, this morning, you'd see a mishmash of collections.  Books stuffed in shelves, DVDs being alphabetically arranged, a cluttered desk (mine), a tidy desk (my husband's), and on the coffee table, where I'm currently parked, there's a pile of notebooks to my left, a steno notebook on my right that's being used as a mouse pad for a wireless mouse my husband let me have when my mousepad on my laptop stopped behaving when we put Linux on my machine almost two years ago.  I've got the telly on, watching some things I've recorded on the DVR, and I'm contemplating sitting and working on my afghan later, that's in my yarn bin, to the left of the telly in front of the hot water closet.

Virtually nothing in my home matches except for a few dishes, a couple bits of furniture are black, a couple are brown, a few are pressed wood and painted white.  All three of the cats are the same colour, which I swear wasn't planned.  It just worked out that way.  ;)

I'm not really one for traditional "the furniture must match, all the things have to be a specific colour, size, shape..."  I'm kind of eclectic and I strive to be eccentric and unusual.  That's always been my goal in life, but I always worried that you have to be ridiculously wealthy to be eccentric and unusual (Addams family!), but apparently, you don't need all that.  You just have to embrace who you are as a person, and if the world doesn't like it, well they don't have to look!

All my pets have human names - Emily, Patrick, Connor-Murphy, and Tommy, and they all have middle names (hey, now, don't judge!).  I talk to them like they're people, and I treat them like they're family (after all, that's the way it should be.  Pets are family, not property!).

Another thing you'll find in my home is crumpled up balls of paper.  My cats have baskets full of toys, as does my dog, and yet, they insist on playing with some weird stuff.  Paper, an empty soda box (thanks, Shawn), pens, books, shoes...  My pets are nuts, I tell ya.

What you won't find in my home is clutter all over the floor.  Except maybe in the mornings because my cats have flung their litter out of their boxes throughout the night, and Patrick's groomed some of his hair off because he's got really long hair.  Overall, though, you'll see that this is a home that's warm and inviting, but not a place where leaving garbage around is the norm.

On the Kitty TV window (sliding glass door by the patio haha), there is a little sign that I made a picture of Shakespeare wearing sunglasses (those I didn't add, that was a photo I found on the interwebs), and a note that says, "No negative vibes here!  Move along."  And that's something I've decided is the motto for my home.  I don't like all the anger and negativity in the word, and I've got somewhat a theory about it, but I'll get to that in another venue.......

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