01 June 2017

It begins....

Happy June, everyone!  It's that time of year already! JuNoWriMo began this morning at exactly 12.01a, and I hit the ground running with a whopping word count to start off at 427 words on my latest WIP. GO ME! 

So far, I am far beyond that, and I've worked out some other things for the month, too, to make my life a LOT easier than it was last year. The apartment's all situated where it's nice and open-space arrangement. I've got snacks sorted, I've got my “soundtrack” to work by (it's on Spotify, if you want to check it out, just look me up on there, my username is highlandlassy12!). I'M READY.

This year's going to be quiet, it's going to be easier for me than the last year was. This year's going to be me taking my time and not trying to kill myself to get a book written in a month. If I don't finish this book by the end of June, that's alright, because I'm going to keep a diligent record of my word count for just my WIP (there will be other things I'm working on this year, too, so the WIP word count will be tracked in my bullet journal at the end of the day in a specific colour so I know where I'm at each day)… I've also got plenty of breathing room because I don't want to publish this one until Christmas at the earliest. I've got this!

Today was off to a quiet start, my husband treated me to lunch at our favourite fast food restaurant (Wendy's, of course), and then we went over to the dollar store so I could pick up a few things, and then we had to hurry home so he could get changed for work and head back that way. I'm pretty excited about this year because May ended on a great note, and June's off to a quiet, peaceful note. I like it when things transition smoothly. I've taken a gigantic step back from social media, and it's helped SO much. My mind needed some serious clearing, and so far, it's working. As I type this, I'm not listening to my usual music choices of metal and 90s alternative. I've got Dr Jeffrey Thompson and Two Steps from Hell (which isn't metal, actually, it's instrumental scores) so as to keep my distractions to a minimum. I've rearranged my desk where there's more space, I've got the apartment to myself right now – save for my four stooges… Patrick's in the top perch of the kitty condo, Tommy, Connor, and Emily are all on the couch having a nap together. I'm sitting here just enjoying some music, no talking, no words to distract. Just……….peace. Just……….QUIET.

This, right here, is what I've been desperate for, and I didn't even know that this was what I was craving all this time. Ahhh this is nice.

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