16 October 2016

Happy Sunday, indeed!

Another cat's been rescued this morning, by my rescue partner, Mary.  Little Ashes has been picked up from my complex at around 9.30 this morning.  This is wonderful news, because it's one less cat on the street to suffer loneliness and fear.


Ashes is going to stay with Mary for a few days.  Kitty will get cleaned up, de-flea and de-tick meds administered, combed out, given lots and lots of love and attention, and in a few days once kitty's adjusted a bit to being indoors again and in a loving environment, kitty will be taken to the vet to get updated on shots and whatever other vet care is needed, and get fixed.  This cat is very friendly, and I'm sure will make a wonderful companion to someone.

With the weather changing and given that where I live the weather can be quite unpredictable, this makes me feel a lot better that one less cat is out there to worry if they're going to be okay.

When Mary was picking up Ashes, she saw a little grey one kinda hanging back a little.  Not ready for human contact just yet, I guess, but that's alright.  Given time, this little one that's shown up will come around, I'm sure.  We'll keep putting food and fresh water out and keep trying to talk to the cat and show that we're not there to harm, but to help.  Here's hoping, right?

Till they all have a home......

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