15 August 2016

Updated links up top

I don't know if you've noticed at the top of this page, there's a few new places that've been added.
A page for friends who're authors that I know personally so I can "plug" their work, a page for blogs that I follow (that list will grow over time as more bloggers grant me permission to 'feature' their pages on mine), a page for book reviews of the books I read, a page for my photography business, and a page for small businesses of friends that make jewelry, soaps, toiletries, clothing, whatever happens to be their venture - that list, also, will grow over time as I obtain permissions from said friends to feature links to their businesses on my page.

I am a fierce supporter of the small business, a fierce supporter of the author, a fierce supporter of art as a whole.  If you want to have me feature your page/blog/whatever, feel free to let me know and a link where you can be found, and I'll be more than happy to add you to the appropriate section.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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