27 May 2016

Gearing up for JuNoWriMo!

I'm counting it down....  Not long now....  Just a few more days, and I'll be full-force involved in my writing.  I'm participating in three writing projects this year:  JuNoWriMo in June, Camp NaNoWriMo in July, and NaNoWriMo in November.

Yes, because I'm that insane.  LOL

Each completed manuscript is going to be saved and sent to a small group of pre-selected (and confirmed) individuals for beta reading, so I can get feedback on what to and not to improve.  Then, once that's all polished and shining like a new penny, off to the publisher they go!  Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!

Each book is going to be an anthology, because writing a full-length novel is kinda intimidating right now.  I mean, I JUST got my voice back 8 months ago!  Don't wanna push my luck!

This is how I intend to spend my summer: writing and enjoying each day.  There's going to be copious amounts of photography going to happen, too, as I've really been neglecting my Deviant Art page.  :/  I know why, too, and I should not have allowed one comment from one person to cloud my excitement about that outlet.  But, I'm going to shed that like an old skin and forge ahead.

Yesterday evening, my husband and I were doing a little bit of shopping after he was done with work, and I wanted to go explore the stationary section.  I'm very picky about my pens, and I wanted to see if my specific brand was carried by his company.  Sadly, no.  They aren't.  But that's okay!  We were looking around, and he spies the shelf with the journals on it before I did, and he comments that this really nice one with a beautiful cover would make a nice bullet journal for me.  Right next to it, there were these smaller journals, for almost 1/2 what the bigger one we were looking at were going to cost, and the top one was green with leaves on the cover.  He and I were talking, and he said, "Grab it."  I said, "But... Maybe we should wait..."  He then comes back with, "It's feeding your muse, there's only the one green one, GET IT and don't argue!"  Okay, okay, FINE.  LOL  We got a few other bits and left.

I'm so grateful that he's so encouraging and good at holding me accountable about spending time with my muse.  It's incredibly helpful!

There's several different things I'm implementing to keep the creativity at its peak.  Though my creative vocal cords haven't been used for so long, and only 8 months ago have started to come back, I'm improving everyday on the inspiration front.  I listen to this really beautiful music at night when I'm sleeping, I am reading again, I'm subscribed to a lot of different newsletters, blogs of other writers, all kinds of things.  It's like I can't get the information into my head fast enough!  I didn't realize how much I've missed this!

It's good to be back, though.

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