27 May 2016

Comparison between two people - (fiction)

JoAnn likes to have a quiet corner where she can focus.  She can't handle a lot of commotion.  It's easiest for her to be in a place where you can hear mice breathing, so she can get her thoughts out.  Sometimes, it's hard to concentrate past the sound of the keys clicking away on the typewriter.

She prefers the solitude of her corner office in the basement, with the door locked, and a "DO NOT DISTURB OR ELSE!" sign tacked to the door.  She comes from a big family, so it's hard for her to carve out some time to have to herself to get work done.

Alice, on the other hand, LOVES to be amid the sounds of the city.  She will sit at bus stops and crowded restaurants during lunch rush.  That's when she feels the most alive and in-tune with her muse.  She has been an amateur playwright since she was 17, and hopes one day to move to the crazy chaos of New York City to follow her dream of being published and have her work acted out on Broadway.

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