25 February 2019

Seven things I'd Tell My Younger Self

Dear younger Rea,

I want to say a few things to you in hopes that you will be able to heal and move forward as you deserve to be able to do.


23 February 2019

Proud Dog Momma Moment to End a Long Day...

Today was a long, long day.  Lots of conversations were had, mostly somber, but a few were full of a lot of laughs and shenanigans (thanks, Wanda and Gordie, for those!).  It never will cease to amaze me how well in tune we pet owners are in touch with our pets, and vice versa.

Today, as I said, was long.  The best parts of the day, really, were hanging out with two of my favourite people:  Wanda and Gordon (at different times).  I'm sitting here watching BuzzFeed Unsolved:  True Crime on Hulu.

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