22 January 2019

Comfort - not just something physical!

Hey, so I want to talk about comfort.  It comes in so many different forms, as we're all aware, and as a species, doesn't matter if it's animal, human, or even plant, comfort is a thing we all yearn for.

My dog, she's most comfortable wherever I am that she can touch me.  If we're sitting on the couch watching a movie, she's right next to me, right at my hip, usually under her blanket (she's a Dachshund, and Dachshunds are known burrow-dogs).  My cats, they're fairly comfortable wherever they decide to be.  Sometimes on my lap, sometimes on the back of the couch, my bed, wherever they feel like being that they know is within their permissible boundaries to be.

Personally, I'm comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, barefoot, running around in the sunshine.  If it's cold, I'm happiest indoors, of course.  If I HAVE to go out, then I want a silly hat and usually, I can get by with a hoodie.

But, I didn't decide to write this about physical comfort.  No.  I want to talk about comfort that goes deeper than the surface.

14 January 2019

Random actual update. :)

Happy New Year, y'all!  I hope you had as great a time welcoming the new year as much as I did.  Welcome, 2019!  You were anticipated!

The Blonde Chef - Mexican dinner time.

And on this episode of 'The Blonde Chef,' we find yours truly has decided to make some burritos for dinner.  The meat browned, drained, and stirred into the beans, frying pan soaking in soap, bean-meat mix moved over to the burner that the meat was just browned upon...  Forgot that the burner had been shut off, because leaving an unattended, still-active burner... not wise.  Especially when there's cats afoot!  Randomly stirring the meat-bean mix, making sure that it doesn't scorch... not able to figure out WHY I can't smell anything cooking by now...  AND WHEN I GO INTO THE KITCHEN TO CHECK WHAT'S WHAT... I FIND THE BURNER'S OFF!  +shakes fist+  I quit.