25 September 2017

I direct this to you, Avid Reader!

Hey there!  I've got a question for all of you avid readers out there, if I may?

Do you remember what age you were when you fell in love with books?  And yes, comics totally count, too.  Do you remember what genre it was you were first exposed to that you decided, 'Hey, this is neat!' and couldn't get enough?

For me, personally, I think I was about four years old when I really decided I wanted to start reading.  I was fortunate that I have a big family of Aunts and Uncles and of course my mother who all love to read, so of course I was exposed to a lot of different varieties of subjects.  I remember when I was first exposed to the Beatrix Potter books (those were the books from which I learnt how to read).  The world of animals doing people things, that just sucked me right in and didn't let go of me.  I'd love to one day get my hands on all of her books, that would be really neat to have them.  I remember when I was about 5 or so, I was learning how to read a book about a wizard that had a hot air balloon.  I remember the cover was blue and white and had the protagonist in his hot air balloon, with a big smile on his face.  I don't, sadly, remember the name of the book, which is unfortunate.  Maybe one day I'll happen by it.  Hopefully.

When I was five, that's also when I got started into wanting to write.  I'm now in my were a brief (and agonizing) few years that I'd lost my creative voice.  I regained it a couple years ago, and now I'm floating in a sea of ideas.  As of this post's being banged out on the keyboard, I've got something like four or five WIPs, and one is fairly actively being worked on.  Thanks to a fellow author friend, I've got a (fairly good) idea of how to do a spreadsheet of daily goals, so I'm not just limiting myself to the WriMo months of April, June, July, September, and November.  Which tickles me to no end that she was willing to give me a basic, bare-bones crash course in how to do that!  Thank you, W.H.! 
early 40s.  I've learnt a lot about creativity in my life, and there

There are so many neat and interesting things out there just begging to be explored. Whether it's the written word or something to research and write about, yourself.  

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