12 September 2017

Can't argue with THAT logic! And other random conversations with my favourite 6-year-old.

Remember in my last post, I'd mentioned something about having been out-logic'ed by a 6-year-old?

Okay, so I'm going to tell you this and then I'm going to go get my stuff done and go crash for a little while.

Right, so yesterday I decided since it was nice out, and since Monday decided to Monday all over my desk yesterday afternoon (jerk), I figured I'd grab my phone and go round up the Munchkin Brigade (what I call my neighbour's grandkids) and go play Pokemon Go.  Yeah, I finally caved and downloaded the app.  Surprisingly fun, too.

Well, the one munchkin, she's 4, she was getting her hair re-braided and re-beaded, so I got permission to round up the boys and take them along with me on Pokemon hunting.  At the beginning of our quest, the oldest of the two is going on about their toy guns.  He's got quite an imagination, too, which I am so excited to see where he's going to go in his life because of how sharp and creative he is already.  AT SIX.  At one point, he'd tossed his gun up in the air, and it being made of plastic, came crashing down to the pavement.  I cautioned him not to do that again because those toys cost money, and I know Grandma and Mom don't have money to be replacing random toys all the time.  Without missing a beat, this sweet kid turns and looks me right in the face and says, "Uh HUH!  Grandma's got lots of money!  She's got lots of pennies, I saw them!"  I just stood there about to protest and then caught myself.  Technically, he's not wrong.  Pennies, while in today's economy don't really amount to anything, they do still spend, and that still counts as money.  I honestly had to give him that one, because he's not aware of economics and money and values of one coin vs another.  Not yet.  And it was not a moment to correct him.  I just gave it to him and said, "Well.  Okay then.  You got me there."  LOL

It's rare to render me speechless.  This child has rendered me such more than just that one occasion.

For example:

A few months ago, one afternoon I had Emily out for a potty break.  The Munchkin Brigade sees us and they swarm over to my dog, who of course is eating up all the attention.  She seriously adores those little kids.  It's so cute how excited they get, too, b/c they'll see her and be feet away and start screaming her name and race to her.  She's standing there wagging her tail, knowing that she's about to get love-bombed by three little humans.

Same 6-year-old, he's petting Emily who has by now flopped over onto her back in anticipation of suckering them into rubbing her belly, and this gem of a conversation happens:

Him - "Miss Tabitha,  I wanna see Emily's puppies.  Can I see Emily's puppies?"
Me - "Honey, she doesn't have any puppies.  She's never had puppies."
Him - "Miss Tabitha, where do puppies come from?"
Me - +stunned+  "Uh... You know what?  That is a FANTASTIC question to ask your Mommy!"  He let it go.  Thankfully.

However, we fast forward to YESTERDAY, we're up toward the front of the complex  looking for Pokemon, and we walk by one of my stations to put food and water out for the orphaned cats.  He sees the bowls are sticking out a little from under the spot where we put them so the cats can eat and not have to come out and be bothered (introverts for the win!) while they're eating.  He asks me about the bowls, and I tell him I'll be up there tomorrow to put fresh water and some food out for the kitties so they can eat.  They've already been fed today.  He asks me about if kitties bring food to other kitties.  I said it's been known to happen, yes, and when he asked me like what, I said, "Well, sometimes birds, mice, that sort of thing."

Then this little gem flies forth from him:  "How do mommy kitties feed baby kittens?"  SHIT SHIT SHIT.

Me - "Uh, you know what?  That's a really wonderful question to ask your Mom!"  He says, "Oh." and starts chatting about something else, and then he quips, "I want to see a Mommy cat hatch some kittens."  I stopped in my tracks and looked at him and said, "Did I just hear you right, that you want to 'see a Mommy cat hatch some kittens'?"  He said, "Yes!  Miss Tabitha, have YOU ever seen a Mommy cat hatch some kittens before?"  This kid....  I swear....  

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