16 November 2016

Just moseying along... Nice and quiet.

Today's been overall aright.  Yesterday was productive, I got everything I set out to do, done.  Today, I'm just kind of moving along, enjoying the fluidity that is time.

In about 20 minutes, I've got to work with my student, but that's easy enough.  He's a good kid, works hard, and sharp.  I'm still kind of up in the air about where I want to take this blog, though.  I'm enjoying having my own little corner in cyber space again, which is pretty wicked.  Even did the grown-up thing and called the company I purchased the domain from and asked when it's due and how much (because I upgraded my account - so to speak - where I won't get bogged down with all these people bugging me about designing my site for me, that got old after about the third e-mail).  Much cheaper than I thought it's going to be, and still totally affordable.

Swapped days with our rescue partner this week, too, so that's good.  Just a minor adjustment to the schedule, no biggie.  Oh, and got some stuff done on my bullet journal last night/early this morning, too, I'm happy to say.  I generally avoid going out if possible, so I did something a little different with mine.  Check it:

Now, I dunno if you can see my text real well next to the stickers and washi tape, but here, allow me to "translate" for you:

Green sticker - that is my writing goals overall.  Ideas, due dates for articles, blogging ideas, that sort of thing.

Orange sticker - Photography!  Ideas for settings, challenges, etc.

Pink sticker - BOOKS!!!!!  I'm an avid book nerd.  LOVES me some books.  I'm serious.  I've got two e-readers (a Nook and a Kindle Fire), and two bookshelves crammed full of books (some of which are, yes, my husband's, but most are pretty much my doing ha ha).  So, this section is going to be my TBR (To Be Read) list for the rest of 2016 on through 2017, authors to check out, current author favourites, new works hitting shelves, etc.

Striped washi tape - NaNoWriMo 2016, and the WriMo months for 2017.  Keeping track of word counts, possible ideas, goals, etc.

Plant washi tape - Blogs to check out.  If you want me to include yours, let me know in the comments (and of course include a link so I can find you!)

Purple washi tape - Random thoughts that come to mind when I'm alone.  I'm an author, and I tend to let my mind wander a LOT.  You should've heard some of the stuff I was coming up with the other day.  Ha.  It was bad, my husband face palmed several times.  LOL

Black and white washi tape - Excellent positive affirmations to apply to everyday life.  Can be Bible verses, quotes, that sort of thing, but just random encouraging statements to reflect on.

Glasses washi tape - Music recommendations and random bands/musicians friends talk about to check out.  - I LOVE music.  LOVE IT.  I do have my go-to favourites (hello, Social Distortion, hello, Dresden Dolls, hello, Type O Negative!), but I like to explore what's out there.  ;)

The sections that're going to have multiple sub-headings, I'm going to be using different coloured ink for those.  Thankfully I've got a whole mess of pens to use for that, to keep things organized so it doesn't look cluttered.  I'm pretty pleased with how it looks so far.  I'm going to be working on something called a "Swipe File" today, after I'm done tutoring, which is in about 8 minutes, so I'd better get off here and go slug down some coffee so I can work with my student.



  1. VERY Productive!!! Good adulting! I'm proud of you! :D <3 ~AtanaNight

  2. Atana - Thanks! :D This adulting thing........not quite what I expected, but I've got it down to a science (mostly). LOL


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