20 November 2016

Dreams: the weirdness that happens when we're asleep.

Ever have one of those dreams that's so real that when you wake up, you can still feel things you felt in the dream? Things that were happening to you in the dream you can still feel when you're awake, I mean.

I've had this happen so many times, more often than I care to admit, but it does happen. The other day was no exception. And it was such a freaky dream that left me laying there staring at my hand and saying, “What the hell….?”

In the dream, I was having an argument with someone (can't remember who), and next thing I know, there's a little brown and white mouse on my left hand, chewing, HARD, on my fingers! Like, EATING my fingers, not just the way mice do when you smell like food and they don't know that you're not food, but they bite you because they taste the food you were just eating.

Like my hamster, Mariah, did when I had just gotten done eating a peanut butter and cheese sandwich that time, and like a dip forgot to wash my hands THEN go play with her. Thirteen years later, and my pinkie finger still remembers that one.

Anyway, so right as this mouse, in my dream, is going to town on my hand, my husband came and woke me up because he knows I don't like to sleep all day. I like to do things with the day rather than just lay in bed and sleep (we won't discuss yesterday, alright. Ha ha). I lay in my bed for a good five minutes just staring at my left hand wondering what about that dream was so freaky that left me with a racing heart and my finger hurting. I got bit by a dog a few weeks ago, but my hand's completely healed from that. My ring, well, that's a different story. I need to get it reshaped before I can wear it again. But overall, there's no reason, whatsoever, why my hand should've been hurting that afternoon after a silly dream.

That's not the first time that's happened, either. When I was… I think 16, I had a dream about, get this, Broom Hilda (yeah, from the comic strips in the Sunday paper), on top of me, in my face, screaming at me that she's going to kill me. She had her hand pushing into my rib cage, screaming, “You're MINE!” I woke up and had the worst pain in my ribs, in that very spot that she'd been pushing on in my dream. Once, I had a dream I was having a baby, and I woke up laying in the position I would need to be in to give birth.

Dreams are so strange…..

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