06 July 2016

When the devil comes knockin', but is so cleverly disguised....

Given that you don't live in my complex, and given that I'm not one to really talk about much in my personal life these days, it's highly likely that you won't know about whom I speak, I'll not do too much of the pronoun game with you, but I'm not mentioning names. This is for the safety and privacy of those of us directly involved.

And because someone recently tried to make it sound like they know far more than they really do, and they really don't (and I'm not surprised, and I pretty much figured out how full of it they are….Given there's ZERO records of the parent in this whole mess in public format or otherwise, because I looked it up, but there IS on my neighbour, but I am not giving neighbour's name, because that pesky libel thing, I'm not trying to get dragged to court for a lawsuit for slander, thank you very much. And given that the person who claimed there's “records” about parent, but then states they don't know parent's name, or even neighbour's name… yeah. I'm not an idiot, but nice try.  Ahhh, but I do enjoy a good tall tale once in awhile....)

So recently, a neighbour that I've sort of taken under my wing.. Well he reached out to me when things fell apart between him and someone that was helping him.

Basically, he is only 21, and is VERY unstable. Like, early on was diagnosed as Bipolar, ADHD, and antisocial. Later, it was determined that he is .... destructive, like, Jeffrey Dahmer type destructive (per the words of a medical professional's assessment!).

He comes across as a good kid (I really thought so…. maybe that's just me being naive and wanting to believe that there's still hope for him), but I tried SO hard not to get TOO involved. He has been through two payees for SSI in just a little over two years(ish). He is supposed to be on medication, and is not. He lived by himself, had two cats, but his parent warned the most recent payee that he (my neighbour) SHOULDN'T have pets because of .... history with killing little animals. Dogs, cats, hamsters.... It's disturbing. VERY disturbing.

He has come to my husband and me about being his new payee, but we both said no. For one, I am not going to do it b/c of what all it involves. For two, we're not going to be in this state forever, there's a possibility we're going to be going back to our hometown at the end of the year (God, I hope!). He... My husband and I, between the two of us, have 5 kids. His two, my three. Plus we've got the three fur kids. We were sorta starting to see this individual as kinda like one of our own, even though we're keeping our distance given his.... issues - manipulation, like years ago when he was 13, it was brought to the parent's attention that he should NEVER be allowed out in the public because of how.... odd things are in his head. "Master Manipulator" was one of those statements, and that's when the Jeffrey Dahmer statement was made, too. Parent refused to see this about their own child, so they said they'd be taking the child home, and that was that.

Wasn't long after that, the child grew older and started doing much worse than the bad things he had done in preschool and elementary school - attacking teachers, touching inappropriately, had a weird fetish for the parent (sniffing his parent's underwear, being OBSESSED with said parent, putting underwear of said parent on his own head, etc), and then there was a situation that arose between parent and him and his two siblings that lived with parent.

He tried to attack parent and siblings with a knife, and last week I found out from parent that he's nearly killed at least one of his siblings by trying to throw said sibling down the stairs.

He's has had TWO felonies brought down when he was a minor, one in FL, one in GA. The one in FL was never fulfilled, because parent convinced the DA that parent would be removing child from the area, and it would never happen again, DA said fine, don't come back, blah blah blah.

Parent moves children to GA, he (person I'm writing this overall about) does something else that was listed as “terroristic threats and acts” (I've seen the arrest record) that was a felony and did time in an adult detention facility for said charge.

Since he was 17 at the time of the crime, he was charged as an adult. Probation was part of the release. That's all been done and dealt with, BUT he's not been on medication for some time.

Recently, husband had an early shift, so I went to meet him at the store. As I was locking up to leave, there was someone with a rather large paper bag and was knocking on my neighbour's door, wanting him to come get his medication. He refused. Messenger tried to convince him to take meds, he insisted that messenger leave him alone.

I leave, I get halfway to the steps to get up to the sidewalk, and I remember that the coffee maker's still on, so I head back to turn it off, and the argument is still going on at the neighbour's house about the meds.

Well, I just didn't say anything, I thought that it was rather odd, but I left it alone.

I told husband what I saw, he thought it was strange, and told me to call neighbour's former payee and ask about it, if that person would know anything. So, when we got back, I was going to call, but he (neighbour) stopped by and I forgot about earlier. I did get a chance to talk to the person later and I did bring it up, but they didn't know what to make of it.

Well, his lease was up Thursday (the 30th). He had been going back and forth and back and forth about leaving or staying and it's gotten to the point where I was getting whiplash trying to keep up.

It's finally been decided that he IS leaving, that he is NOT staying, and he came to me last Tuesday and we got to talking and I asked about the cats, am I keeping them after all for him or what is going on. He said yes, it would likely be tomorrow (meaning last Wednesday) I'd be taking them, and left it at that. 15 minutes or so later, cats are brought up again (by him), and I'm asked if it's okay to bring them THAT NIGHT (last week) to my place. I've no problem with this, so we go get them and their food and litter.

Meantime, throughout the day, I'm not only in contact with former payee, but neighbour's PARENT. I'm learning all this stuff about his (neighbour's) past, the Jeffrey Dahmer comparison, and I'm like, ARE YOU SERIOUS. I don't scare easy when it comes to horror films or the paranormal/unexplained, but when it's something like THIS? And I know what I know about sociopathology and psychopathology.... YEAH. I've had him in my home, when husband's not been here, AROUND MY ANIMALS, SOMETIMES WITHOUT ME IN THE ROOM, like, WHAT….. And he... I've gone to bat for him helping set up an appointment to talk to a recruiter for the National Guard. Like, now that I have heard all this, and I know the recruiter's told me that there's going to have to be background checks and whatsit, he's screwed, he's not going to be able to join. Not even the Marines!

He has lied SO many times, both my husband and myself have busted him in lies after lies after lies.... The cops got called by our local mental health facility Tuesday night to do a welfare check on him, he comes to me all upset about it, convinced it's the neighbours that called. Ummm, no. His PARENT called it in, and the mental health facility sent the cops.

I guess the court got involved Wednesday morning b/c his parent stepped in and petitioned for them to do something before he goes too far and gets entirely too dangerous to be around. At 9.30 Wednesday morning, an order was signed for him to go to a mental health facility to be evaluated, to be put back on medication, and stabilized. The police show up, talk to him, HE CONVINCED THEM TO LEAVE HIM BE, and THEY LEFT. DESPITE the fact a JUDGE said he needed to go. I call his parent and fill his parent in on what's happened, because he came to my door all upset about how now it's former payee that's been the one to make all these allegations against him, and now he's wanting to file a CPO (Civil Protection Order) against her, too. I tell him I'm not really ready to deal with all this yet, I'll come over later, and we'll talk it out. He leaves, I call his parent to give his parent a head's up on what's just happened. Right before he showed up to my door, former payee called me and told me that he'd called and left some very nasty threatening voice mails. WTF. YOU DON'T DO THAT. THAT WILL COME BACK TO BITE YOU IN THE ASS!

Fast-forward past the conversation with him wanting to have ME call former payee because as he claimed, former payee had blocked him (turns out THAT was false, too, former payee just wasn't answering when he was calling, in case he left other incriminating voice mails against himself so they could be brought to the authorities). I hate, hate, HATE talking on the phone, and yet in the last week, I have spent more time on the phone to the point of almost completely draining the battery, I just..... No. I'm done.

I told him that he needs to go home, we'll talk later, and I went back to bed for a bit, but then I decided to reach out to his parent to let his parent know what was going on, that CPD had just left. Columbus' Finest, indeed. Parent was PISSED and told me a phone call needed to be made, and they'd call me back. The whole thing I had to do was be sure NOT to tip my neighbour off that there was anything in the works, a NECESSARY intervention that's LONG overdue, and NOT to let him into my home, to make up excuses and send him home, in case the authorities did what they were supposed to and send the CORRECT law enforcement officials to pick him up. Neighbour has come over REPEATEDLY Wednesday (last week) since then, at least three more times. First time was to talk to us about former payee, mostly to complain about how he figured out it was that person who'd allegedly made the call to the authorities/mental health facility Tuesday night and then again Wednesday. The 2nd time was for.. I can't remember, and the third reason my husband answered the door because I refuse. I'm DONE.

[Given there's something that's pretty personal for one of the parties involved, I've removed part of the conversation I had with my neighbour involving this person to protect said person's privacy]

I won't let him in my home AT ALL now, even if my husband IS here. Fast forward to the third time he'd stopped by, my husband answered the door. He wanted to see the cats I was fostering for him, his two, and my husband said, "Well, she's layin' down in there right now, maybe come back tomorrow?" Neighbour had NO idea I was right here in the dining room, literally on the other side of the wall from where my husband was standing, and I heard the whole thing. I'm just.... No. I know it's cold to do that to him, because it's been done to me, but I don't have the disturbing history with animals that he does.

Like, he's killed a dog with a shoe lace, strangled it, he almost killed another dog with a shoe lace, but they were able to rescue him from the neighbour's attack and there was such extensive damage to the dog's larynx, the dog couldn't bark properly and coughed a lot at random times. And I won't go into what I was told about the hamster. That... I've heard some twisted shit in my lifetime, stuff that serial killers have done, but I've barely slept since that conversation about the hamster.

I can handle a lot of crazy mess from a lot of crazy people, and I can read some really crazy stuff that some very sick and messed up people have done in my life, but SERIOUSLY. It's difficult enough hearing about it in books or documentaries, but when it's SOMEONE YOU KNOW, THAT YOU LIVE JUST MERE FEET FROM THEIR DOOR, AND YOU'VE HAD THEM IN YOUR HOME, AND AROUND YOUR OWN ANIMALS......

And there's the attacks on other kids when he was little, the kid he almost strangled to death with a shoelace at school, the attacks on his own parent...

All this I've been told by his parent in the last few days. I don't have nearly this kind of upset when I'm reading about things that others have done, but this, this right here is MUCH different. This is like, in my face kinda stuff. Like, I LIVE NEAR THIS PERSON. MAYBE 80 FEET FROM THEIR DOOR.

I was told about the situation in GA, the charge was "Terroristic Threats and Acts," which basically is just another way of phrasing "assault with intent" or something like that, so parent told me to do a search for him.

I did.

You know... I've seen mugshots of some very evil people. Some as far back as the 1800s, some as recent as that guy in the Orlando thing. It's really remarkable how you take a picture of someone who ISN'T a sociopath or a psychopath, and you can see there's something there. There's someone behind the proverbial wheel. But you look at pictures of people like Bundy, Gacy, Bianchi, DeSalvo, Manson, there's no.. humanness to them.

I saw the mugshot of neighbour from the thing in GA. There's nothing there. AT ALL. It's something that's typically called a “Thousand Yard Stare.” Neighbour .... He's been nice to me up to this point, but there's moments I've noticed he's acted rather... odd. I always let it go, thinking it's just a quirk or something. Again, probably me being naive and wanting to hope for the best in someone. But, the more I've heard about his history from his parent, talking to his parent over the course of the last several days..... It makes SO much sense now why that darker side comes out more than the light-hearted side. I don't know what your beliefs are, but I truly believe in the existence of demons, having encountered them in my own life (yes, like as in The Exorcist kind of thing). There's a certain... mannerism someone has when they're not exactly in control of themselves, and I'm not saying this person's possessed or anything like that, but as off-balance as he's been manifesting in just the last couple weeks alone, I mean... seeing with my own two eyes, and NOT just going by second-hand knowledge.... Something is VERY DESPERATELY wrong, and I do NOT want him near me or my home OR my pets again.

Anyway, so he has come to not only MYSELF, but to someone else (who has recently moved) about a person that he was trying to start a relationship with, and said person is now being brought up to court for stalking allegations. I found out today that that's not even true. There's no paperwork filed against her. NONE. She has never shown up in the complex - there's a picture of what's allegedly her in the guard shack at the gate, and you can't come into the complex if you don't have a sticker on your car (residents) or a pass in your window (guests). You HAVE to check in at the gate if you don't have a sticker showing you live here.

Well, there's neighbours kitty corner to me, on the 2nd floor, and he is CONVINCED they are out to get him. Like, he has told me that he has read one person that lives in the apartment in question's lips and claims that a statement was made about how he's gonna die or something. I forget how he phrased what neighbour claims to have "read" on the person's lips, but I just… I can't even.

I've - as has my husband - kept distance as best I can. Sure, I don't mind helping with cat litter or food, or if a grocery item is needed, I'll go get it if I don't have it on hand to give, or if the land-line's needed, I don't mind that, but I'm not trying to get sucked into some insanity.

Anyway, so Wednesday his parent I guess finally got a phone call from the sheriff's department saying that when the order was signed that morning, CPD should NOT have been the one to try to get him, they messed up. The SHERIFF or SWAT should've been the ones to deal with it, and they sent someone to pick him up. About 10 minutes after the phone call from his parent, there was a knock on the door AGAIN, and my husband goes to the window to see who it is. There's a security guard standing outside (I'd dealt with him before when previously being unwillingly sucked into a neighbour's drama last year, different neighbour that I no longer speak to because she's a hot mess, and fortunately doesn't live here anymore), and he's wanting to talk to me. My husband starts to tell him that I need not be bothered, but I got up and went to the door to see what the guard wanted. He wanted to know if - per neighbour - I'd be willing to watch the apartment while the neighbour's gone, "he's going to jail" was what was said by the guard (no, he's gone to a mental health facility). I mean, yeah, I really can't do much else than glance over once in awhile when I'm in the living room reading or if I'm out walking my dog, but I don't have a key, so, I don't know what the neighbour wants me to do with his apartment, given that he had to be out by the 30th, anyway, per what he told our landlord. Whyyyyyyy me….... Okay, sure, whatever.

The guard left, and my husband comes back indoors and says he saw the sheriff leading the neighbour away. Good.

I'm just........ I'm done, y'know? I'm called, as a Christian, to help those in need, but I also am aware that there are LIMITS and I've more than reached mine. And I wasn't as involved for as long as previous people he'd used up were. Given his history with animals and harming them and killing them and the like, he's not getting the cats I fostered for him back. They deserve to be safe and happy, and with someone who's going to love them and not go crazy at the drop of a hat and try to kill them. They are in an undisclosed location, and he knows this. I'll go into this a little bit later.

Like I stated on my own Facebook, "if [expletive deleted] to give were a currency, then I'd be worse off than all the third world countries and the national deficit for this country combined. THAT is where I am right now. I am NO LONGER going to rescue people. My home is NOT the library for wifi. There's a library on [road] across from [name of grocery store]. My home is NOT a public phone. If you are dying, yes, I will call 911 for you, because Philanthropy Law IS A THING and I am not going to jail for you. My home is NOT a food pantry, [grocery store] is down the street. I am NOT a counseling service - call [number for local mental health facility] for a social worker to talk you down, as they are better equipped to handle crises than I am. I AM NOT going to revisit 2011 FOR ANYONE, FOR ANY REASON. This is me putting my foot down and washing my hands of the past few weeks. This is me putting my foot down and not in someone's [expletive deleted] so far the water on my knee will quench their DOG'S thirst for a year. If this makes me a [expletive deleted], well, fine, I'm a [expletive deleted]. Sure, it's good to help each other out, but there are BOUNDARIES, and I am DONE having my boundaries not only crossed, but completely [expletive deleted] disregarded!"

Okay, so Thursday morning I got in touch with the recruiter that my neighbour was supposed to see that afternoon. He'd texted Wednesday to see if my neighbour was still coming up Thursday to see him about possibly joining the ONG.  To clarify something here:  The reason the recruiter texted ME is because I'm the one who'd reached out on behalf of my neighbour to get the appointment set up for Thursday afternoon to happen.  Neighbour's phone wasn't getting the greatest signal, and since mine is tapped into my wifi, I offered to help out.  I do not generally do this, because I do not like being a non-paid secretary for people.  However, in this circumstance, I was a bit irritated at first, but looking back on the whole thing, I'm glad I did do it, because it saved a LOT of trouble for the recruiter to have to sort out.

I didn't answer the text until Wednesday evening after everything died down and once my neighbour was taken away.

We (the recruiter and I) got in touch Thursday morning and I told him EVERYTHING. Given not only the mental illness issues, but given that he's got felonies that he's had brought down on his head, REGARDLESS the fact that he was under 18, REGARDLESS the fact that he only served time for one of them, yeah. They won't touch him.

I'm so disgusted with him. Not the recruiter, the neighbour.

It's like dealing with a 21 year old [name withheld for privacy reasons] (and Lord, don't even get me started on that [expletive deleted].... I'm still recovering from that nonsense).

This kid's past…. I can handle if he had like a GTA charge or drugs or something, but this!? ATTEMPTED MURDER?! TERRORISTIC ACTS AND THREATS?! NO. KILLING ANIMALS?! The dogs, the cats, and that poor hamster (and I just can't bring myself to talk about the hamster)…..

Got me ALL messed up right now.

His parent tried to get in touch with him Thursday morning, and he finally called her back, and she told him the landlord won't let her in without a key and the landlord CAN'T give her a key unless he gives permission. Well, he argued that he had till Friday. No. He'd turned in notice and keys, so he's done. He's banned from the property and if he's seen on the property, REGARDLESS what he's doing, he's getting escorted out by the cops. First time is a warning, anything thereafter, he will be arrested for trespassing (this is per the landlord). He can knock his hand bloody on my door, I'm not answering. He can dial my number until he gets a blister, I'm not answering.

That's a one-way ticket to Nopesville right there.

The cats that I fostered for him, they're part of the rescue group that someone we (my neighbour, his parent, my husband, and myself) know is working with. They have been removed by the rescue to an undisclosed location. They are no longer in my care. I do not know where they are, and given he has ZERO legal rights to them, the paperwork on them is NOT in his name, he won't be getting them back.

The GOOD news is, though, the judge is involved, so because of that, our local mental health facility had to send him to a HOSPITAL to get stable, they can't just do a mandatory 72h hold and kick him loose. No, he had to go to a HOSPITAL and get on MEDICATION. His parent said - and I agree - he needs to be supervised AT ALL TIMES, to make sure he takes his meds like he's supposed to, and stay on them. I asked parent to let me know when he was due to get discharged, because I know he's going to want to come get his cats. He's not getting them back, but I don't want him looking in my window and see me here and ignoring him, because that will escalate VERY quickly, and I don't need the crap any more than I've already been sucked into unwillingly. If he tries to get cute at my husband's work, pretty sure he's going to get hauled away. I don't want it to come down to going to court to file a protection order, but if it comes down to that for BOTH my husband and me, then I'm going to have no other choice BUT to do that. 

And then Friday the social worker called from the hospital for my neighbour. He gave her permission to talk to me. Why????? I've been to that hospital. They kept me a week. Which I'm not nearly as serious as he is, and mine was completely voluntary because my medication wasn't working anymore and I needed a break from life for a little bit so I could get my head back in order, but this worries me, because they kept him a week and kicked him loose. I'll get into THAT in a minute. He's what's called a Master Manipulator, and I'm TERRIFIED of him now that I know what he's all about and I WILL NOT defend him. No. I know about the animals, I know about the attempted murders. I know more than he thinks. I DON'T want him to come back. I called and left a message Friday evening, as I was down with a heat migraine all day that day. I didn't know about the call until almost 5, and she'd said she was done at 4.30. I just told her call me any time next week. I'll be here. I'm involved in this mess entirely more than I care to be. His parent knows I don't want him to come back. He tried to demonize me Thursday, but yet allowed this social worker to call me. WHAT?! Head games, man. I'm so sick of this whole situation. :( At least the cats were brought to me by him BEFORE all this happened!

He called Saturday, I didn't get to my phone in time, I thought it was the social worker again, but he'd left a message. I tried to call back, but I get told (after spelling his name FOUR TIMES to the operator), "We don't have anyone here by that name." And we both know that's crap, because how else did I get the number to call you back, you moron?

So, I decided fine, I'll deal with it later. Screw it.

I tried again a couple hours later, and get the same idiot that tells me I'm "not making any sense." Ummmm how? HOW, exactly?

Okay, then. Whatever.

I let it go.

He (neighbour) called Sunday. I was asleep. First time IN A WEEK I'd been able to sleep on my own without it being just random catnaps here and there. He's on about how he's getting to come out yesterday. Uh... whut? Not what I heard, but okay. Whatever, dude. He says he can't wait to come out and get his cats. And take them WHERE, exactly? The lease for his place was up on Friday. The last time I'd talked to him was Sunday. Monday was a holiday, and today he's got nowhere to go, even though he did get out!

Because he doesn't have a payee. Because he doesn't get his money without a payee. And with no money, no rent's going to happen. And the landlord's ABUNDANTLY aware of what's going on, has been for WEEKS now, since before he got taken away. The night he got taken away, I texted the landlord to let her know. She confirmed with me it was in regards to what was in the works earlier that day per his parent. I said yes, it is.

I talked to the landlord the next day, face-to-face.


[This part has been deleted to protect the privacy of the person involved with the cats and their location.  I will not divulge anything about this person to protect their privacy and the organization they work with.]

The whole thing about his “Aunt,” too, that was complete nonsense. She's not even his Aunt. She's not even related to him. She'd told him that she did NOT want the cats there, to NOT bring them. Him going to stay with her, yes, that was true, but the cats going with, NO. THAT WASN'T.

I found out Sunday that when he'd taken the cats down there for the weekend in the rental car a few weeks or so ago, that his “Aunt” did NOT let him in her house with them, so he stayed in the car in her driveway all weekend with the cats IN THE CAR. WHAT THE CRAP. THOSE POOR CATS COULD'VE DIED.

The cats are in an undisclosed location, like I said. He has NO legal right to them, and I found out from his parent that he had to go before a judge today (she told me a couple days ago) to determine if he's able to be released or not, since it was a judge who'd signed paperwork to be committed in the first place.

I tried to call him Sunday to inform him that the cats are no longer in my care. That they are now in an undisclosed location. They are NOT legally his, I know this, and I know what happened in Dayton that weekend, I know all about him. I tried to talk to him about this, but he wasn't having any part of it. He kept trying to interrupt me. No. At the start of the conversation, I told him, "I am going to tell you some things, and you are going to listen without your mouth running. You are going to be quiet and you are going to LISTEN, and when I am done speaking, we are done for good. I'm fed up, and I'm no longer in this." He kept trying to interrupt more, and I just kept shushing him. NO. When I am speaking, you are listening, NOT wagging your jaw. He kept trying to insist on interrupting me. No, you are shutting your mouth. I'm done with you, I'm done with your lies, your manipulation. I told him about the cats having been picked up by the rescue. He said he's calling the police, and hung up. Okay, fine. I call the nurse, and she turned out to be a joke. NOT listening to anything, and everyone's in denial about how sick he is in that institution. At the local mental health facility, they realized how sick he is, but at the hospital he'd been sent to, they were so snowed by him. It frightens me. It really does.

Yesterday the former payee and I went to the office and had a LONG chat with the landlord about all this. He's blocked off my Facebook. If he continues to call, I'm going to get him for harassment. If he makes threats, I'm getting a restraining order. I'm DONE. My nerves can't take it, I had a migraine off and on for three days - THREE DAYS - because of this crap. And for what? Because I tried to be nice. He keeps trying to suck me into this web of bullshit, and I'm done. I'm cutting him off.

Oh, and here's what else that's rich: Turns out his little social worker, the moron that SHE is, she's in COMPLETE denial that there's ANYTHING wrong with him, has been from the first second of meeting him! I spent a good while talking to her yesterday, telling her EVERYTHING. Instead of doing the INTELLIGENT thing and sticking a note on the door stating she was “in a meeting,” she kept getting interruptions (at least FOUR) during our conversation. Unprofessional, but what do I know, right? I only use COMMON SENSE ON A DAILY BASIS, but then again, I've got an IQ higher than a beer can. Ehhhh, tis a curse, I guess, being able to use my brain for more than what I'm going to drown my sorrows in later. Ah, well.  

What's more, about the conversation with the social worker yesterday, and what the former payee told her, too, I told her (social worker) that she is to make it ABUNDANTLY clear to him that he is NOT to call me ever again, he is NOT to bother my husband ever again, and if he threatens us in ANY way, he will be brought up on harassment and stalking charges, he is NOT to come back to this complex because he WILL be brought up on charges of trespassing.  No one here wants anything to do with him, and if he does show up on my stoop, I'm not even going to be nice and tell him to bugger off, I'm just going to snap his photo and call 911 and I'm going to make them stay on the phone with me until the cops get here to take him away.  I'm done being nice.  Because of all the interruptions yesterday because of her lack of intelligence enough to stick a "do not disturb" notice on her door, I had forgotten to mention the bit about the conversation that was had about the shotgun, and I forgot to mention to her about the guy with the medications (as previously stated in this post).  I also forgot to mention about the conversation about the shotgun, but I didn't remember about that one until this morning AFTER his hearing had already started.

I found out this morning that the hearing was at 9. Former payee was in my apartment this morning and we talked briefly about it. I showed former payee about his picture and arrest record. Former payee had the same reaction I did. That “Holy sh*t” reaction. Former payee saw the same thing I did.

At approximately 10.50a Eastern Time this morning, my neighbour's parent called me and let me know that the judge decided to allow the hospital to release my neighbour. Bear in mind, my neighbour, THE ENTIRE TIME he was in hospital, was NOT compliant with taking medications, and was deemed “polite” and “well-mannered” for several days. The ONE psych doc that saw him for what he really is – the facade started to crumble, which is what typically happens when a master manipulator can't have their way in a certain amount of time they think is sufficient, that's when the mask slips, and the true colours start to come out – saw him get agitated and angry and whatsit. This person spoke up at the hearing, and was completely disregarded! Real nice, eh? So, the “Aunt” was contacted yesterday over the phone, and the “Aunt” backed EVERYTHING my neighbour said, ALL the lies. Supposedly this person is coming to pick him up and take him to Dayton to live with her. Well, we'll see, won't we? The parent didn't get even a chance to say anything, the lawyer that was representing my neighbour, as well as the other “professionals” (and yes, I use quotations here because this is complete b/s how they have done things), refused to open the floor for parent to speak up. Parent knows the history – THE FULL HISTORY – of my neighbour. Parent has told me that parent still has med trays and old medicine bottles from just a couple years or so ago when my neighbour was still in parent's care. So… Yeah, this whole thing is nothing but a gross fallacy and one disturbing piece of evidence of how the system is not quite what it claims to be. Parent has evidence, parent would know better than what these people who have only seen ONE side of him.

There's been things that I, myself, have witnessed, too, of my neighbour, like the night before he got taken away, he'd come over with a stick that's about as long as my femur to about halfway down my shin. It's about 3” square, and it had 4 rows of nails driven through the stick and about 1” of nail sticking out all the way down, 8 nails total. He came over and knocked on my door, it was dark, and I looked out the window to see who was bothering me now, because I had stuff I was working on and did not want to be bothered. It was him, and I opened the door and told him, “I am kinda busy, what's up? Everything okay?” He said, “Oh, don't be afraid of this here stick. I take this with me when I'm out walking at night to protect myself.” Ummmmmmm…. If you need a stick with nails in it just to leave your apartment after dark, WHY ARE YOU LEAVING YOUR APARTMENT AFTER DARK?! I don't get it?

The weird thing is, though, the last time I saw him here, when he'd used my phone and then decided to go home for the night – this was the night before he got taken away – he was getting ready to leave and he said to me, “Make sure to lock your door, I don't want anything to happen to you.” So odd, given the kind of person he really is and his history. I just… Huh.

What's sad is, his parent still regrets to this day not listening to that psych doc when he was in his early teens and the assessment was made that he's the next Jeffrey Dahmer, parent didn't want to believe it back then, and then parent saw for themselves what he's capable of and now parent wishes they could go back and make sure to pay better attention to the advice of the medical professionals. I made a comment the other night that when this is all over, parent, myself, and former payee need to all get together for a good, stiff drink. Parent said, "Girl, I appreciate it, I do, but this will never be over for me until I'm dead." I felt like such a jerk. I couldn't apologize enough. Parent told me if he DOES come back and try to get the cats, which he can't, but if he does, to call 911 and then call parent, parent will come over. Parent's just 20 minutes away. Parent said if I do need to file a protection order against him, parent will gladly give parent's Dad's address down in Dayton, because that's where he gets a lot of his mail is at parent's Dad's.

He shows up here, I'm calling the cops. He tries to bust out my windows (he has a history of destruction of property if he can't have his way, per his Mom telling me), I'm calling the cops AND the landlord, AND I'm getting photo proof. I'm not answering the door for him. I'm not answering the phone.

I'm so fed up.

There's at least a paper trail, because when he snaps (and he will, it's just a matter of time, trust me!), things can be traced back to this event, the judge that was involved, the lawyer, the “medical professionals” (again, quotation marks because these idiots should NOT be allowed to practice ANY kind of medical anything!), the authorities, ALL of the parties involved with handling my neighbour, it's going to come back on them ALL.   When he snaps, it'll be shown that it could have been PREVENTED.

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