05 June 2016

WOW. I can't even right now.

I just did some writing today.  The post I wrote earlier for this page, it was a word count of a little over a thousand words.  I also did some writing on my JuNoWriMo project.
I left off at 11,185 words.  Yes, you're reading that right:  ELEVEN THOUSAND, ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-FIVE.  Now, I am sitting here celebrating this enormous victory by eating some salt water taffy and listening to stuff on Spotify on my laptop (thank you, Linux Mint Rosa....).  I'm debating if I want to go do some reading, or if I want to watch a movie on Netflix.

Got company coming tomorrow at 2.  Should be fun.  Tuesday (if the tracking is to be believed), Patrick's new tree comes.  If it's not to be believed but the text I received from the website from which I bought it, then it'll be here Thursday.  I'm hoping for Tuesday delivery.  The sooner it gets here, the sooner I can put it together and take the old tree out.  I'm unhappy about having to get rid of it, because Patrick's had it as long as I've had him, but I can't keep it, because Emily ruined it.

It's okay.

Tomorrow I'm going to sit down and work on time management.  Going to set aside some time to write, yes, but that'll be AFTER our friend goes home.

I'm pretty proud of myself right now, I just can't even find the words.  Ha.  I think I'm all written out.  That was a LOT of typing.

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