Blogs I follow.....

I've got a few blogs I read while cruising around cyberspace.  The following pages are pretty interesting to me, and I'd love to share them with you, too.

Landslide Comics - My buddy, Robert, makes comics that are a lot of fun to read.  My favourites are the ones that include Travis the Cat.  :)  He's also a really talented writer of fiction.

Permanently Weird - Same buddy that makes the comics also has a book and movie review blog located here.  You should check his stuff out.

The CP Chick - Product reviews, tips, tricks, and more, all from a chick with Cerebral Palsy!

Becky's Book Bytes - a great place to find some good reading recommendations.

The Disabled Cook - Looking for something new to try out in the kitchen?  There are some really tasty recipes on here to explore!

Ink Digits - A blog that was founded to help you get the most out of your stationary needs.

Daily Refined - A blog to help you find peace amidst the daily chaos and hubbub of life and your surroundings. 

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