25 February 2020

Let's talk about Lent!

I would like to talk about Lent just a little bit… Ash Wednesday is coming up, and I got to thinking I’d like to write a little bit about it… And without really any effort to look, I found my answer.

Recently, I read something that made me quite sad. Someone I know in a peripheral sense mentioned about becoming increasingly stressed out about ‘what to give up’ for Lent. Honestly… I reached out to this person and explained, ‘Hey, no, you’re going about this the wrong way!’

Now, understand, Reader, I am in no way perfect. I know, it’s a shock, isn’t it? But I tell you the truth, and this is going to be hard to understand for some: None of us are. Lent, though, shouldn’t be at all a stressful time! Preparing for it, during, or even Easter. It should be, honestly, a time of joy. We are preparing to meet our Beloved Lord in the desert. It’s a time to weed out those stumbling blocks that are causing us harm in our spiritual walks with Him.

16 February 2020

Catholic Women's Conference 2020

What a day!  Went to the Catholic Women’s Conference. When we got there this morning, it was already crowded with lots and lots, and LOTS of ladies who were ready to learn and grow in the Lord together. ^_^

There’s a group I’m still really newly involved with, Catholic Charismatic Renewal, and I was able to help out at their table. At first, I couldn’t find them, so I went to Mass, which was celebrated by our Bishop. His homily… was incredible. It really resonated with me. Of COURSE I took notes. ^_^

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